Keynotes: Ning and Bounty System

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Keynotes: Ning and Bounty System

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As I tackle YouTube into accepting part 2 and 3, I've taken the liberty of disclosing my keynotes.

The first keynote is that Ning is leaving us. *sad*

Second keynote is the bounty system. 

What is the bounty system? Well it's for all the bounty hunters out there. What's the prize? 20$.

Yup. Twenty U.S. Dollars.

How can you get such a treat from root? Easy. Complete the challenges.

Every episode I will give a challenge. I'll also post challenges on my blog. Here's a ten thousand foot view on it:

  • Harder the bounty, the more points will be given
  • If you outshine other people, you will be given additional 'bonus' points.
  • There is no 'one' winner per challenge, so anyone can play.
  • Each bounty will revolve around improving the site and helping people.
  • After a set amount of time/bounties (yet to be determined) the winner will receive the 20$ from me
  • Money has to be spent on or
  • I will post up weekly the leaderboard as well as bonus point winners and what they did to get it
  • Bounties do not expire unless stated otherwise.

The first bounty:

Send in a picture to me ( of yourself holding up a picture of a # sign. If you send in that, you get 5 points. The bonus is an additional 5 more points.

Be creative. Nudity will not get you the 5 points.


Good luck bounty hunters,






  • Hahahaha got to love it.... my favorite part of this blog... " Nudity will not get you the 5 points." LMAO.

    Aww i miss ning already!!!

  • So where is your picture sin?


  • yep, we are waiting with !

  • Wait...... I can be part of this bounty contest?!

    ***thinking what number i should use****