Trailer: Zombieland



Music: "Lisa" by Ernie Halter



SoI watched Zombieland while I was sick last Friday. OMFZ, that washilerious. If you haven't seen it before, go rent it now. No really.Stop what you are doing now, drive to Blockbuster, and rent it. I don'tcare if you have a Netflix subscription, you can't stream it. So do it.Do it now. I'll wait.

In other news, I recently stumbled uponErnie Halter's Lisa song. Me likie. Too bad youtube doesn't do itjustic. Check it out on iTunes.

Andonly recently have I come back to the real world. It started out withme getting a 25$ gift certificate from a friend. Poking around NewEgg,and since I'd just gotten a new xbox 360 to replace my red ring ofdeath one, I found a little innocent looking game called Mass Effect.

Aweekend later, and I'm looking up where I can buy Mass Effect 2, whichjust recently came out. Wow. What a fantastic game. Like, within thefirst 3 min of playing it, I can honestly say I've never imagined mesaying, "Seth... Green?"

No really. I checked the credits, he plays the... meh, I'll let you figure it out.

Imean, sure, I kept thinking "Gee, didn't I see this story line onHalo?" a couple times. But having a game that not only tickles myRPG/Action/Adventure/Third-Person-Shooter side of the brain but alsosuccessfully puts in a sex scene?

Bravo my good game developers. I applaud you.

Ifyou aren't into RPG's, you might not like it. But it's got a great mixof RPG and third person shooter. Almost reminded me of FFVIII in someways, but not as drawn out. Also, what I really like about it, is thatit has a lot of replayability. Not only can you be the good guy or badguy (or somewhere in between), but there is a bunch of side quests andlevels to explore. And for 20$, it's got decent graphics.

Letme guess, you stopped reading this after reading 'sex scene' and havealready purchased it? Good for you my geeky friend. Good for you.


I realized, I should probably put the bad things in here as well as the good things.


Elevators - I don't know what the game developers were thinking when they made this game. Probably trying to make elevator rides more realistic. Or one way of loading the next portion of the game. Freaking forever and a day to get between areas with an elevator in between.

Mako - The Mako vehicle (I think that's how you spell it) is the one reason why I gave up on normal mode and restarted the game in easy mode. Annoying as hell to master it and fire the guns at the same time. 

Repetitive - Some places you explore is obviously recycled from other areas. Especially the other planets.



Poking around the internet, it looks like Mass Effect 2 has raised the bar even higher. Check out this trailer:




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