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Anyone experiencing AMD 7850...

  • I recently upgraded my card from AMD 4XXX Series to 7850 2GB, I am now experencing this flickers on the screen when playing games (Visible on dark color). Is it the drivers, or card? My monitor is fine, I don't see any issues with card unless I'm missing something on here. Thanks in advance!
  • I cannot tell which is causing the prob from here but I would first completely uninstall the drivers and reinstall to eliminate that possibility. I would also unplug system and reseat card. Good Luck.
  • I did the reinstall method, it show a little improvements, still flickering, so I'll try the unplug and resetting card and see if that would work, will let you know as asoon I get home. 
  • Just a thought, you might check what hertz your monitor is running at.
  • My LG LCD monitor goes up to 60 max. I think it's the drivers and maybe a new update should fix the issue since I heard about 7XXX series having issues as well. Hopefully this new update will fix the issues