Openness in the Video game Industry

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Openness in the Video game Industry

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This years GDC theme seemed to be one of openness and advancing games as a viable platform for artistic expression and communication.  I love the fact that every 1st party publisher (MGS, SCE, and Nintendo) has concrete plans to support community contributed games and independently developed games.  I believe 2008 will be a very good year for the entire industry, I think developers will begin to realize the real potential of the medium and we'll see more Okami's, more Dreamfall's (yep I got around to playing it, I loved it), more Beyond Good & Evil's, and Portal's.  The overall quality of games will vastly improve because the reason for developing them will change.  competition will be a much smaller factor in the setting of deadlines, and it will no longer negatively effect the quality of games (EA, I'm pointing at you).  We'll start to see a more prevalent independent spirit in the development process of games, and that will mean more artistic games that explore the human psyche, and  grab at our emotions in a deeper way.  I am excited.


  • Your UT3 link is incorrect. Probably result of another endearing quality of our little site.

    Interesting to see what independent developers can come up with for the Wii. The way the Wii system/network is set up, it seems perfectly ready for a community to blossom. Unless we're talkin' about Madden talent, that is.