The G35 have been out for two years now, (almost to the day) but for anyone who is a noob like me on the headset front I hope my personal review of the product will aid you in your decision. Below my personal review, I will link other official/video reviews.

Logitech G35 7.1 Surround Sound Headset

Package Contains:

  • Logitech G35 Headset
  • 3 headband pads
  • Quick-start guide
  • Software CD
  • 2-year limited warranty

Specifications (Headphone):

  • 40mm drivers
  • Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 Khz
  • Sensitivity 90db

Specifications (Microphone):

  • Unidirectional pickup pattern
  • Frequency Response 100 Hz - 10 Khz
  • Sensitivity -42 dBV/Pa

The Nitty Gritty
Featuring USB 2.0 compliance and a very sturdy cord, the G35 met my expectations in terms of overall quality. I couldn't say it exceeded my expectations, but the headset did provide a solid sense of surround sound, which is, after all, why I purchased this headset. I'll get into the sonic details soon, but for now let's go over the physical details.

- In my opinion the G35 would probably be best put in the Middleweight class. It has sufficient enough weight to feel 'worth something' but it did not strain my neck over the few hours of game play. I don't think the weight would pose an issue with many people, depending on your type of use and if you play more. Overall weight - Good

- The G35 definitely felt solid, in terms of material quality, but had a loose feeling as well. The 3 swappable headbands were nice (I chose the middle size) and the ear pads were made of quality too. I should note my ears got warm, but never had an issue with sweat. The loose feeling I mentioned is referring to the clickity clackity nuances of the headset themselves. I would like to assume the headset needs 'broke in' for these small nuances to go away. This wasn't not a problem in-game however. The plastic used on the outside of the ear pads was strong, and durable. I honestly did feel as though I could drop these from a high elevation and they'd still be in one piece. The electronics inside, however, are another story. Overall construction quality - Good

Features & Software
- This headset features a volume knob, mic mute button, surround sound mode button, voice morphing, and 3 programmable 'G' keys on the side of the left headphone. The mic is bendable and folds up/down, depending on if you need it. There is also a red light on the end of the microphone that is, by default, ON when the mic is muted and can be changed to 'Always On' or 'Always Off'. I wish I could have it ON when it is NOT muted. The cord...where to begin. I'm not even worried about the cord. It is a 10' long, insulation-woven tough son of a gun. Very happy with quality of the cord.

-  The buttons were pretty cool and to some, would provide useful features. In my case, however, I found the 3 programmable G keys were of no use to me. Here is the list of optional G key assignments in the software:

  • iTunes
  • Windows Media Player
  • WinAmp
  • G35 Voice Morphing
  • G35 Audio (to control the headset's volume, bass, etc)
  • Ventrilo 3.0.5
  • PowerDVD 8.0
  • WinDVD 9.0

To explain a little more...I could bind the G1 key to a specific action in Windows Media Player. (Play, pause, stop, forward, next track, etc) I found this useless because I bought this specifically for gaming, not for playing music. This set is not for quality music listening. I could also bind it to the G35 Voice morphing, but I'm not a child and I have no interest sounding like one. Cool feature for the mass market, but not for me. I do, however, enjoy the Ventrilo support on this headset. Overall, I felt the G keys functions were very limited and not suitable for my needs.

The software is nice and tidy, but also limited. The level adjustments could have been expanded to a broader spectrum of frequencies. You have adjustments for (in order) Volume, Bass, Treble, and Microphone. There is a JPG image attachment if you'd like to take a look.

Sound Quality
I would not recommend this headset for anyone looking for superb sound quality. However, don't read too much into that. I'm not saying they have poor sound quality. I actually was surprised to realize just how good they were (exceeded my expectations) with sound quality in stereo mode. There are better headsets out there, but I was happy with the sound quality. Good bass, good highs, and I never had an issue with too low of volume. Overall, Average-Good sound quality.

Surround Sound
Oh I forgot to add the "quotation marks" around "surround sound". This is all digitally done and it is done well. I played Crysis and could tell if there was someone behind me and to the right, or in front of me to the left. In the midst of jungle trees and vegetation when I couldn't visibly see the enemies, I could accurately spot them sonically. I was pleased and could say the G35 exceeded my expectations in the aspect of sound positioning. I should note, however, that the 'surround' channels did have a distant, deterioration in quality to them that I found slightly unappealing but I think this part of having digital surround sound in a headset. Either I'm not used to digital surround sound or I suppose other headsets could deliver better quality sounding surround audio. Overall - Great surround sound positioning and Average sound quality.

You could be wondering what negative things I have to say. Well here they are below:

- I thought I'd get better sound quality.
- G Keys have very limited functions.
- The level adjustments need expanded beyond just Bass and Treble control.

The issues for me lie in the software, not the headset. If there were more functions for the G Keys this would be a dynamite headset in my opinion. For synopsis purposes, I would say I was happy with this set and could confidently suggest this to others while pointing out the shortcomings. I do, however, feel there are better ones out there in terms of sound quality. This headset was designed for quality, digital surround sound and average sound quality. If 2 channel stereo and quality sound is more your preference then go that route.

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