Some music while you read:


James Blunt and Rap. Yup. That's my eccentric tastes for ya.

So as you may have noticed, this isn't episode 5. That time of year. Christmas, work, family troubles, and A Partridge in a Pear Tree. Good news? The man Pages got a little jump start. Going over the details with the new team. Hopefully we can see something out, officially, by February.

"Did you say February?"

I'm a pessimistic, damnit. 

Computer Tree looks like a big hit. Just not enough nominations! But don't worry, if you offered a donation we will end up using it. Just maybe not in time for the holidays. At the time of this posting, we have 2 nominations and 65 computers (laughs). Well, OK, 15 computers. I had to turn down the 50 Dell's. Not enough money to get them shipped, no place to put them, and no one to donate to.

But this leads me to the Big Pictures for Computer Tree. This thought is by no means solely mine, it's been forming in the background by a number of us. It's looking like this could be not just a holiday thing but any day. Have a nomination? We will look into helping your needed friend/family/co-worker/community member/adopted purple alien. Obviously we don't have the money to get everything shipped... nor the man power to get it filtered.


Logistics of this is pretty impressive when you actually face them. Also kinda... neat? Perhaps it's the sadistic side of me that enjoys this. But I'll claim it's the puzzle-solving side of me. 

Well, it's not at its full potential yet, but it will get there.

Projects... is that everything? Oh, The Source. And Google Workshop. Ep5 will be out probably next weekend. Crunch time at work to get a project done this week. And last weekend wasn't a good one for me. Next weekend might be busy as well but I should be able to get it in Sunday (here's hoping). Google Workshop... maybe on Christmas break. Not that I have one. I picked the short straw and I'm Primary On Call all that week (and the weekend before it). And you wonder why I'm sadistic.

I LOVE this time of year (and yes, I'm hitting that sarcastic button like the good button masher I am) 

Speaking of love. Looks like a lot of shows are wrapping up or just starting. My top 2 shows I've really gotten into this year is Dexter and Journeyman. Obviously two really different shows, but I love them. Journeyman I'm a bit worried. It's an AWESOME show that everyone should watch... but NBC doesn't seem to think so. They passed on the option period to pick it up for a second season. Perhaps another station will pick it up? If you haven't heard about it, or watched it, get into it! Now! Hack, steal, buy, whatever you have to do, watch it. By 3rd episode I promise you will be hooked.If not, watch 3 more *grin*.

Think a modern day Quantum Leap with a twist... or three.

And Dexter... well if you don't have Showtime, then you might not know what it's about. If you can get past the sickening part of it all, it's a hilarious show. Granted I have a habit of loving dark humor. Cold Blooded was one of my top movies of all time. Hmmm, and Dead Like Me. Anyways, Dexter is a serial killer who has to kill, but he only kills bad guys. So if you liked the anime Death Note, you will LOVE this show. You will find yourself rooting for the bad guy. And his view on life is just plain funny.

As for the show that my avatar is based off of, The Avatar, it hasn't been the best season. But definitely not horrible.  Good news? Chuck and Life got a second season pick up! So I'm not that PO'ed at NBC. They at least did 2 things right. I just can't wait until Burn Notice comes back. But will the WGA strike effect them? argh.

After writing this post, I've come to two conclusions.

1) My tastes are varied by extreams

2) I watch too much TV


So I will try and save myself by ending this with the new official trailer to The Dark Knight.

You know.

Because that's not TV.





Until Life settles down,