Connecting . . . 32%

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Connecting . . . 32%

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A great song for you guys while you read (bare through the beginning):



You might be wondering about the title. Well I just recently stumbled on, very cool. For those professionals out there--or college students about to enter their first job for the rest of their life--this is the facebook for the corporate life. Was never a facebook kind of guy but this is definitely worth a look into. You can meet other coworker's (if they have a linkedin account) and previous coworker's contacts in other companies. A great way to meet other people and get that 'in' you might have been looking for.

So if you see someone in another company that you'd like to make a connection with, you can have your buddy--who already has a connection with them--introduce you to them. They also have referrals and other neat stuff. A great way to practice on your resume too (your profile).

Bare in mind that the demographic is professionals, not teenagers, so keep it neat and clean--I'm talking to the young padawans out there.

Looks like I need to put something out on TheRootSource, I'll probably do that this weekend. Speaking of this weekend, I'm working Sunday and I'm on standby Saturday morning (7AM, woot!). So if I sound bitter, that's why.

For you anime/manga fans out there, I started a miniproject. The goal is to connect people to anime they might not have heard of before but would like because they liked (insert great anime/manga).

What else? What else? Oh, I was thinking about the idea of having an entire thread/category dedicated the professionals out there. I really would like to stay current on the latest and greatest technologies (but don't have the time), and would be a good learning opportunity.  Surely we have people here fluent in VMWare, BI apps, AIX, etc. I know some people on here who knows Citrix and Networking. Would be cool to connect like-minded professions and could also give some insight into the people in school thinking about getting into "computers".

I should really get off of this "connect" bandwagon.






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