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root of all evil


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Let me paint you a picture.

We are sitting at Jakes, a burger joint that has a wicked patio deck out back. It's a random Wednesday night. A live band is playing--called the Donkey Group. Three guys, one guy doing vocals, the two others creating familiar sounds. They've been playing all the good music and currently playing The Joker by Steve Miller Band. We got a pitcher of Shiner in the middle of our table, in a bucket of ice to keep it cool. Laughter heard off in the distance. Fireflies mingling with the out door crowd. Cicada's hum just coming to an end.The pitcher shifts, the ice below it melting from the summer heat. My glass sweating, reminding me that my beer is just the right temperature. Life stands still--for once.

These kinds of moments make you wish for more of them. It seems like they are few and far in between.

A wise woman once told me life is about making memories, everything else is just background noise. The last great memory was over two years ago and it wasn't just down the street. My dad and I were sitting at one of the many pizza joints near the Trevi Fountain (Rome, Italy), drinking cheap wine and people watching. Watching life move by while we stood still. Listened to a lone violist sooth our souls... or maybe that was the wine.

Perhaps there is a pattern here (alcohol, music, sitting) but I truly believe it's the company you are with that makes the experience all the sweeter--more memorable.

What was your last great memory? Comment below.


I'm off to go stumble into my next great memory,



  • my greatest memory is stepping of my ship for the last time and going home ! richone

  • I'm too young to have a great last memory.

    Though, I would have to say the Kentucky vs. LSU game last season would probably take the spot light, as i was in the crowd to see the #1 ranked team in the country be taken down by my team!

    Also, how is everything down there with all the hurricanes and stuff?

  • There was, of course, a small panic in Dallas and a lot of people bought flash lights and radios. And, of course, for a few hours we got some wind and some rain but nothing serious.

    Big Smile

  • that's good.

    we had all the wind yesterday, power went out for all of 2 minutes. which, of course, was enough that I had to go and reset all of the clocks.....

    but im out of school today because about 5 schools in our district were without power. hopefully, i might be out tomorrow as well...

  • Last great memory I had? I forgot...

    On another note...

    The weather sure has been kinda funky...



  • Any women in this memory?

  • He forgot due to the alchohol... Stick out tongue



  • lol