Trailer: Brick


Pretty darn good movie. I bought the DVD. Its... different from your average movie.


Music: Clair de Lune


So relaxing.



So lately I've been educating a friend of Cass's on all the movies she's missed. Keeping a relatively short story even shorter; I've told her that she has to watch a movie of my choosing each night she's hanging out with us. The first one we watched was Wanted. At the end, the main character says "What the F have you done lately?"

 She (Cass's friend who we'll call D) liked that part of the movie--something to think on. What HAVE you done lately, taking into account your life? For most people (who live monontonous lives) it gives us sudden realization of the potential they hold--of the oportunities we haven't taken--and well it makes you depresed.

Seeing how D liked those types of movies (makes you think about something you've never thought on), I popped in a classic: The Boondock Saints. As most of you who have already watched it, and seeing the title, you might know where I'm going with this. At the end of the movie, a reporter goes around asking people on the street what they think of them. I'd like to pose the same question to the two people that read my blog: "Would you be against someone going around shooting 'bad' people?"Judge, jury, and executioner all rolled up into one.

There seems to be three camps: 1) "Hell Yeah!" 2) "No, that's wrong" and my favorite 3) "No comment"

D picked camp 3, that looser.

I end this post about an interesting thread by Tracer76. Do you think the internet will stop being free and it will eventually turn into an itunes like cost model? And do you think it's the RIGHT thing to do? For those of you who haven't followed the Net Neutrality debate, Google 'Net Neutrality'.

Makes you wonder what the world will be like in ten years.