I'm never drinking again.

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root of all evil

I'm never drinking again.

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Trailer: Sherlock Holmes



Music:  "I want more part 2" - Faithless



In the words of Penny in The Big Bang Theory.... "Holy c**p on a cracker".

I'm never drinking again.

You would think one bachelor party was enough. But no.

What about two?  Neh!

...Three? Yes (unfortunately)

There is only so much my liver can handle.

I won't disclose any of the juicy details. Just know that if you are every in South Beach (Miami, FL), you MUST check out a place called Mangos. And if you happen to be in the Vodou room after midnight on Friday/Saturday... Go you.


Well enough about my deboutchery. Did you guys like the music video? That was when China was preparing for the olypics. Pretty cool, and I do love that song.

OK, so I've discovered two things today that boggled my mind. Both I can thank IntelGuy for  (thread found here).

First one is called ninite and it's basically a one stop shop for all the programs you normally install. But here's the cool thing about it, you pick all the programs you want and then it provides you ONE installation file. Not only that, but it will assume all defaults--and NOT install any crapware like toolbars--and it does it all with one click. Meaning, if you were like me today and recently had the work laptop re-imaged with Windows 7 because Vista was an EPIC FAILURE and made root go batshtcrazy over it like a monkey with a blue circle trying to fit it in a square hole.... where was I?

Oh yeah.

If you are like me and have a lot of application you normally use, it takes a LOT of time to 1) find them 2) download them 3) install them. This does it all for you. Now obviously there are some drawbacks to this, which I'm sure will get addressed in future releases. Three off the top of my head: it assumes all defaults (not always a good thing), not a whole lot of programs there, and last but not least it doesn't install anything addition from ninite (Read: a true package manager for Windows that can auto-update all apps for you like Linux does).

Which leads to the second thing. While I was poking around at the ninite site, I found one application I'd never seen before. BumpTop. A really slick UI for Windows, and if you are one of the very few that has hardware that supports Windows 7's multi-touch, some really cool features. But I have to admit, in trying out the free version, it's taking some getting use to since I'm a minimalist on my desktop (ala nothing is on it usually). I rely heavily in custom tool "bars" or folders on my start bar.

OK, so root has finally found a Windows OS that he likes. And yes, it's Windows 7. I mean, XP was simple enough--but that was the problem. It was simple. Now I'm not saying I'm switching, mind you. I still like my Linux. But I gotta tip my hat off to Microsoft. Their latest OS is solid. Although, I'm suspecting that this was all part of Microsoft's evil master plan. They've probably been working on Windows 7 since the XP days and tossed Vista out there (the Alpha version of Windows 7) just to show people how bad they can make an OS. Then "save them" with this awesome OS.

Oh come on, it crossed your mind at least once when watching this tv ad:



Speaking of "I kind of want" products, has anyone seen the new Android skin from Motorola? Well, actually two things from that company. There is the alleged iphone-killer Droid, which the hardware specs on it does raise a few eyebrows... but we'll see what the price is going to be at. Per my last prediction, I don't think Android is iphone-killer material yet. But I DO think it's taking one step closer to being at par. Which leads to the second part of motorola, the MotoBlur... which I'm assuming Droid will have it. It's a pretty slick UI for Android, which is what it's missing (asside from better hardware, better intuitiveness for the layman, and more sexiness). Click on the "Watch It" link. Pretty slick, that CLIQ.


Time to put on the Google hat. I just got done playing with Google Wave and I'm stoked. I wished my entire company could jump on this. If you haven't gotten the invite yet, just wait. If you have no idea what the F I'm talking about, and you have an hour and twenty minutes to kill (no really). WATCH THIS!

[YouTube:v_UyVmITiYQ ]


If you think that's cool, you've got to check out Google Voice. I'm still waiting for an invite to Google Voice (for a lot of months now actually). Here's a good video that sums up the high points nicely. Real slick.


Real overview... check out this for all the real slick features that they don't mention.

Gotta love the Google.


Well that's enough for today. I do realize I've said 'slick' one to many times, but that's my word of the day. Now I got to go do some wedding stuff and some house stuff. When did growing up suddenly made things so boring?




  • Hey, you! I'm so glad you're still alive.

    I'm in love with Windows 7 too. But still triple booting, I just can't let go of XP. And Linux is a must.