A few days ago, my wife got me Fable 3 for our anniversary. She's awesome like that.

I've played all the Fable's so far, and I think this one has been the best one yet. Doing just the main quests, I think I finished it under 8 hours. I tend to play "good" first, then "bad", and then usually one more time doing ALL the side quests and really try to get my money's worth. This is why I love the Fable franchise, re-playability. And of course, Fable 3 was no exception.

Without ruining some of the plot points, here is my review.


 -I like the new "start" menu. It's been changed to a more interactive area instead of menus you have to scroll through.

-Great story

-I like how they changed the the skills/weapons upgrades and the new experience system. 

-I like the improved combat system (visually and responsiveness)--there are a lot of flourish animations, the spells look better, and you can switch between your weapons/magic a lot faster.

-Being able to combine different spells is a nice touch too, although I found myself using whirlwind and (insert interesting spell). Whirlwind is just too powerful defensively, IMO.

-Co-Op. While I haven't played it yet, I've been told you can enter (with your character) into another person's world--even marry/have kids/co-own buildings/etc. This wasn't an option in previous Fable titles.




-While the story was great, the flow of it wasn't as open as I'd hoped--very linear, especially after you've become king.

-The king part was short, compared to the rest of the game, and it had too big of an emphasis on one plot point... and the decisions you made's ripple effect only affected that one plot point (nothing else). It was a major disappointment for me.

-Weapons changed based on how you use it... "it" being the weapon, not how YOU fight, which is disappointing. Especially since you first run into hollowmen and your weapons tend to morph into hollowmen-like-qualities unless you use magic.

-You couldn't import your previous character from Fable 2, affecting the history (since you play Fable's 2 main character's son/daughter 50 years later).


Bottom Line: I recommend buying it. Four out of Five Eggs.