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Archive 2007-2013
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Open Box Raptor Hard Drive

  • I was thinking about buying one of the new 150 gig raptor hard drives that sell for 169.99. While looking at these, I saw they had some open box models, that were the same thing for 151.00. I thought that would be a good deal, especially with western digital's 5 year warranty. But when I looked in the specs, there was nothing mentioned about a warranty. Under the new one, it is 5 years. So I used the chat, and asked about the warranty of the open box item, and was told it had a 15 day return warranty, and no manufacturers warranty at all. So for twenty dollars less, you give up a five year warranty. So of course I went ahead and ordered a new one.

    After looking a little harder, New Egg does have a disclaimer about open box purchases, It would seem to me, if they would put this information in the specifications of the product, and not make you have to go somewhere else to look for it, it would save a lot of hassles from people who don't read the fine print, and assume open box items have a warrany. Because I came very close to making that mistake.


  • Anytime you see an option for open box always read them thoroughly.  Call or chat if you are still uncertain as to what you are buying.  You did the right thing by doing that btw.

    Open box items may be fine in most cases, as they are as stated "open box"  Meaning they were returned or refurbished, tested to be ok, may be missing some or all of the packaging, and available for sale at a lesser price.  Some items I have noticed have a large difference in price vs new and open, and some like that drive have a much smaller difference.

    Personally, if they have that small of a difference, I would rather have the new, just because.

    Also watch the Retail VS OEM choices.  Retail means you get more stuff, like manuals, or software, cables etc.  (depending on the item of course)  Perfect example, DVD/CD Burners.  OEM versions often have no software, no cables, no screws, etc.  Hence the lower price.  Some of the OEM items require that they be sold as part of a system, or system purchase.  Always read the description and specs of any product, and again if uncertain, give NewEgg a call or chat.  They have always answered questions I have had about products.

    I am a small computer reseller, and build PC's (OEM) to sell to my customers all the time.  So I am always careful about what I buy for my systems, as I want them to be reliable, affordable and quality systems. If I put in good parts, I don't have to worry about something breaking down for 3 years or more.  Often I aim for things I know and trust, rather than price.  And I have been buying a lot more from the Egg the past few months, and been very pleased with the service here.

  • Newegg:

    Open-Box Items
    • Return for refund within: 15 days
    • Return for replacement within: non-replaceable
    This is our Detailed Open Box Item Return Policy. often sells items that are listed as "open-box." Because these items are sold at greatly reduced prices, they bear this limited 15-day refund-only return policy through Such items can only be returned within 15 days of the applicable invoice date. cannot provide replacement service for these items, as their stock is limited. The entire risk as to the quality and performance of these items is with the buyer. These items have been tested for functionality, but may have superficial physical defects including (but not limited to) scratches, dings or dents. Should these items prove defective following their purchase, the buyer (not the manufacturer, distributor, or assumes the entire cost of all necessary servicing or repairs, unless otherwise required by law. These items are not covered by any 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

    If you purchase an Open-Box product you will receive an OEM BAREBONE item, meaning you will only receive the item itself. Accessories are NOT INCLUDED with Open-Box products, even if the missing accessory is required for the item to function properly.

    as DTMAce mentioned, better go for a brand new one if the difference is not that much...