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Anonymous steals credit cards to donate on XMAS

  • zerohedge:


    The hackers claim to have used stolen credit card numbers to make $1 million donation to charities. They also claim to have downloaded 200G of e-mails.


    Of course, once the credit card company realizes those are all fraudulent charges,  they're going to reverse them all and then the charities are going to be out the money (they'll never see a penny of it)..

    On top of that, the charities will be hit with additional fees by the credit card company for excessive fruadulant / reverse charges....


    • Fraud: Consumer claims they did not authorize the purchase, or identity theft.

    One of the most common reasons for a chargeback is known as a fraudulent transaction. A credit card is used without the consent or proper authorization of the card holder. In some cases, a merchant is responsible for charges fraudulently imposed on a customer.

    To encourage compliance, acquirers may, at their discretion, charge merchants a penalty per chargeback received.

    In addition, Visa and MasterCard may levy severe fines against acquiring banks that retain merchants with high chargeback frequency. Acquirers typically pass such fines directly to the merchant. Merchants whose ratios stray too far out of compliance may trigger card association fines of $100 or more per chargeback.[3]

    So there's a good probability that Anonymous will cost the charities a lot of money in merchant chargeback fees, despite Anonymous claiming to have given them $1 million in stolen credit card money.



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  • Well that sucks. I hope they don't hit the charities with the fees.
  • Even though they are hackers, I still respect them for what they are trying to do. I respect them, and support them in most cases (like the Facebook one...)...