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Zombie Hour with Drunk Root

  • right now i'm talking to CAGG on AIM (check my profile for sn) and listening to dashboard confessions on (my online AIM client)... because what's her name's blog told me to.


  • ah, come on.  Just install mIRC and copy and paste this into the URL bar.   irc://

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  • no, i alrdy have mirc installed... infact i've already visited the channel. just can't--in my drunken stupor--figur eout how to join the channel


  • lol    well good luck to your poor fingers.
  • Sad


  • I think im going to call it a night.  I got work in the morning.
  • work in the morning?!


    Take it easy my friend


  • LOL guess I was to gone too see this till to late, ouch


  • Nobody fed you did they????


  • lol


  • Sorry Rootster,The Dude should have been there for you,but he was busy watching "Bug", which was a total waste of the Dudes time as there was no intergalactic carnivorous insect eating every human on the earth as the Dude had incorrectly surmised by watching the previews on his television.. The Dude was thoroughly disappointed in this piece of celluloid c**p pawned off on unsuspecting viewers as science fiction. 
  • -hides his magic fridge-

    Thar be no beer here... move along. Move along... 

  • But.... But.... Zombies need beer

    And your magical fridge has a beer launcher built into it 


    Feed me....



  • root:

    Anyone there?

    Or would it be "here"?

    This is a question meant for The Dude I think.

    If anyone doesn't know what Zombie Hour is, post up.


    what is Zombie Hour? 

  • It's the hour at which only Zombies are up (aka insomniacs). Or, if you are ladytekki, I'm the zombie that mustn't be fed brains, Beer or Coffee and it's my Hour to talk.

    Which is absolute bollicks.

    A zombie has to eat, doesn't he?