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Off Topic (Archived)
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GO Tracer ! Grab the Throne ~~

  • LOL yesterday it was 5 more, LOL but I deleted 3 Crying no spamy award for that one.
  • Good for you! TracerApplauseApplauseApplause

    It is so nice to always  have you here with us. Being active, passionate and  helpful is what i stick to at all times, glad to see you doing this too. LOl, Tracer, go, go, go............ApplauseApplauseApplause

  • Thanks whitelotus it just nice to help others out when we can. Big Smile and thanks for the kind words as well Embarrassed
  • Double posts are horrible! =P.
  • But usually they're unintentional.
  • Yeah but it pops up something about cannot duplicate post... so I guess that minimizes a lot of double posting already.
  • It depends on if the site will hang to get that message. some times I think that its not going thru and hangs there so I will click it 4 to 5 times and then there is 1 - 3 posts.

    As TFJ stated they are unintentional most of the time but this time it was intentional. So I add another 9999999999999999999999999999 spammy points. LOL 

  • Oh. Usually when that happens it gives me that message about duplicate posts.
  • Most of the time that will come up but there are times that it will not.
  • That's right Tracer just hit over 7,000 posts. Only 1800-1900 more till you catch cool but by that time he will have about another 1,000 or so posts for you catchup too. Keepup the good work dude!Smoking
  • Gratz tracer, keep up the good spam posts. Big Smile

  • LOL hold on let me get my walker OldMan .... ok got it with the tennis balls on the bottom you better run Gms I commin to get ya. . Thanks Hog and Gms


                -Walks briskly-



  • tracer,,,go get him boy,,,,,
  • Come back here you whippier snapper I have flames on my walker and I can out walk you any day there whippier snapper.


    Trying HD can  I use your Harley?


    Hold on as soon as I get my car out of this spot I will get you

    car-crash-into-parking-garage.jpg picture by Tracer990

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