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  • I am trying to remember what program I was using to try to check the status, I'll see if I can find the place to check the status using Windows when I go home at lunch time.

  • I just remoted into my home computer from work and according to AMD's RAID expert program, the SMART status for both drives in the array is Healthy.
  • Well, this has been an interesting few days of learning.  I was able to get my OS and apps installed on my SSD Thursday night.  I reconnected my HDDs Friday morning and immediately after I did so, I started getting a message that the BOOTMGR was missing.  I ended up having to reinstall the OS again.  I then tried to use audit mode to transfer the Users folder to a drive other than the SSD.  I received a fatal error every time I tried.  I then had to reinstall a third time and I was able to use the directions I found online to move the Users folder to one of my HDDs so I ket the space free on the SSD.  I got everything installed successfully but as I went to close the case back up, I discovered what I think was the source of my problem with my BSODs.  I have the Coolermaster HAF 932 Blue case and there is an 8 pin extender cable for the CPU that comes with the case so that the EPS/ATX 12v 8-pin cable can be routed on the back of the motherboard tray.  Something had caused the plastic to turn brownish on the extender cable and on the PSU 8 pin cable, the connector had what appeared to be melted plastic (not badly melted but like something caused a temporary heat surge in the adapter).  I had to go buy a new PSU and adapter cable today so I am finally back up and running.  I am holding off F@H for a few days to I can confirm my system is stable now.
  • Well I finally got everything straight and am folding again, had to reduce the OC to 3.8ghz and the ram at 1080 using 100% of the CPU and it still only uses 25% of the Ram but I'm getting bigadv wus worth 12,000+ ppd which is 10 times better than what I was getting with the GPU folding so hopefully this will help the team climb back up.
  • So that I can start to figure out what will perform the best for me, I have 2 options I can see right now for folding.  First, I can do GPU and CPU folding but I am not sure is I can assign a specific core to each GPU and then  use the others for -bigadv.  The second option is to just go for -bigadv if I  understand it correctly and not even worry about using the GPUs for folding.  Which option will bgive me the best performance and allow me to complete WUs quickly?

    ETA:  Right now, I am set for smp for the method and I have added both gpus.  The exact info for the smp is smp:6 since it is set to use all cores currently.  I have not added any switches to set specific options yet.  Just test to make sure I can complete work units successfully right now.

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  • What is the current core type for F@H?  For my GPUs, I am getting 0x11 which I thought was the old core type prior to 0x16.  For SMP, I am getting 0xa4.  Not sure what the current core info should be.

    Figured out the core issue for GPUs while hunting on the F@H forums.  Needed to set the option for client-type advanced on each of my GPU slots.  Also realized I needed to free up a cpu core for each gpu client running.

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  • If you are running just smp clients for the CPU folding A4 core is right, as for GPU folding I stop long time ago due to ineffiicient in energy.  -bigadv unit will use A5 core, if you are doing cpu -bigadv + 1 gpu client you probably yield just about the same ppd as a -bigadv on its own and you are using much more power with cpu + gpu vs a cpu client.

    The trick is that all the new A4/A5 cores clients calculate points based not on their base points, but rather the bonus point.  For example, the WU7000-7028 I meant earlier are only 600 credits each but when I upload it before the deadline I will get bonus point based on my time.  Comes down to folding time, the less time it takes you to complete a client the more bonus points you get.  Just to use an example, Hog get 2299 points from WU7015 and he used about 13hrs to complete, however I run the same client and I use about 3hrs and 20mins to complete now my upload points is around 4700 points it doubles his points and use much less time to upload. 

    Some of the huge -bigadv units like the P6903/P6904 people dropping off well over 350k-800k ppd per WU depending on the completion time, so if you are dropping off 350k over 2 days time you really don't need to waste more electricity on gpu folding that yield you 10-20k ppd.

  • There's a whole bunch of different cores depending on what your hardware can do..

     I think there are 2 cores for nvidia (8800 core & Fermi core), 1 core for AMD graphics, at least 1 core for SMP and another core for the classic client.


  • Ok, it looks like I should switch to straight -bigadv then.  Can you walk me through what I will need to do to set the client up for -bigadv?  Running both GPUs doubles my wattage used so if I can do more folding with less power consumption, that works for me.  I guess I hadn't really considered how the bonus points would factor in.
  • To get estimate on the bonus point use the bonus point calculator.  Just select the WU number and enter the approximate time to complete one frame and you should able to calculate the points.

    As for the guide, there are two version one yields better result but is running Linux Unbuntu so I guess not many people going to do that.  I would link you to the windows guide of -bigadv.  Just a note, I heard the -bigadv units are heavy on the cpu so doing other tasks while doing the -bigadv can be a hassle (expect lags).

    To get bonus point you would need a passkey from folding@home page and you need to complete 10 WU with that passkey in order to start getting the -bigadv units.

    Click here.


  • Yo team mates you seen the new version of F@H they have coming out?

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  • Great find Hog, I probably start folding later this year or early next year since I got something to do at the moment.
  • Well I just downloaded it to MommaMary's rigg and she is folding again too so just maybe we can do some catching up again with the new F@H 7.1.
  • Anyone else experiancing hard core errors, lock-ups on DUAl GTX4xx setups on the GPU3 model?

    Can you possibly link me to the GPU2 updated HP version I can't find it anywere (made for fermi)