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replacement WD2500JS 250GB hard drive

  • I was wondering if anyone could recommend a replacement for my Western Digital WD2500JS 250GB hard drive?  I was thinking of going with another western digital, but would like to see if there is something made by another company that would match up.  Here is all the information on the hard drive itself.

    Drive Type:   Internal
    Serial ATA-300
    Interface Type:   SAS
    Spindle Speed (RPM):  
    Buffer Memory:  
    Average Seek (msec):   <8.9
    Average Latency (msec):  
    Data Transfer Rate on Serial ATA:   Up to 3000 Mb/sec
    Form Factor:  
    Temperature, Operating (°C):  
    5 to 55
    Temperature, Nonoperating (°C):   -40 to 65
    Shock, Operating: 2 msec (Gs):  
    Shock, Nonoperating: 2 msec (Gs):   350

    Thank you


    All i am looking for is something that is similar to the hard drive that crashed on me and is no longer any good. Could someone just tell me about a hard drive that matches what i already had. It is going in a Dell XPS 200 system that is running windows XP Media edition.

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  • I would suggest the following drive. Unless the drive you intend to replace actually is a SAS drive. (You have SATA and SAS in the specifications. They are mutually exclusive.)

    Note that this drive is a 2 terabyte SATA 2 drive. You will need to make sure that your motherboard can use it. Some older motherboards have a limit on the size a drive can be. This drive is $140. There are cheaper drives available. They are a bit smaller though. Your call.

  • Do you really need a 2TB drive? If not, I'd go with a smaller Caviar Black.
  • Actually dixiemomma said nothing about what size was desired. I just pointed that one out because it seems a good deal.

    This is the cheapest Caviar Black Newegg has. It probably is about as fast as the drive I suggest, but it is $70 for 500GB. So it costs twice as much per GB. Before anyone asks why a 7200 RPM drive would be about as fast as a 5900 RPM drive, remember that the 5900 RPM in this case moves the heads over four times the data density of the smaller 7200 RPM drive.

  • I know he didn't, which is why I proposed the question.

     Overall greens are slower and have a lower MTBF is I'm not mistaking. The data density issue is true, but also remember HDDs will fragment regardless of density and still take multiple seeks to access programs and larger files.

    How about a 1TB Black for $100 and free shipping. The price/performance increases a lot from the 500GB, and I'd wager pretty confidently that this outperforms the 2TB Green.

  • I have two of those 1TB Caviar Blacks. They are great drives. But if the reviews on the product page for the 2TB Green seem to confirm speeds almost exactly as I see on the 1TB Black drives. Obviously the seek time will be higher and the data transfer for small files will be slower. But most of what I do with a drive involves larger files. I guess it all depends on what you intend to do and how much you can spend.

    As for the MTBF, I have had a dozen or more hard drives over the last decade.  All of them were working just fine when I gave them away because they were too small for what I needed at the time.

    As for fragmentation, it happens. But it is easily resolved by keeping a tenth to a fifth of the drive free and defragmenting it every once in a while. Just set it to defrag and let it go while you sleep.  For those who may need it, here is a nice freeware degragmentation program.

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