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Verizon DSL modem+Router replacement

  • I have verizon DSL. I used the modem+router they gave Westell 7500. For the past 4 days I have no internet. Verizon suggests they need to send in a person and I am not sure how this will work out as what will the person check ? I do not have a land line and verizon did a dry-loop DSL for me. I am assuming that I need to replace the modem+router with a better one. I am not a networking person but I understand that I need a 



    I have a desk top that connects to internet wireless-ly as its network card does not work properly. I use a USB wireless key.

    Lap top x3 that connects wireless + one of these I use the ethernet for troubleshooting the modem.

    I also have dish network that hooks on to internet for updates I am assuming.

    I am not a gaming/movie streaming person.

    What would be a decent modem and/or router if I need to replace the verizon westell 7500. 


  • Humm... maybe try completely reseting the modem/router?

    Back when I had Verizon DSL (before I switched to FIOS) I used a simple Westell DSL Modem in bridge mode with a Linksys WRT54G Wireless-G router.

    Even to this day the Linksys WRT54GL remains a popular choice. 


  • How do I reset the modem/router other than pinning the little red pin. I tried this and does not work. 

    How do I set up the bridge mode ?


  • You would press and hold the tiny button on the back until it reset (lights will blink or something).

    1. Get a stand alone DSL modem.

    2. Hook up the modem to your PC and log into it.

    3. Set the Modem to bridge mode.

    4. Plug the modem into the router and log into the router.

    5. Setup the router in PPOE mode (use your Verizon username and password).

    6. ???

    7. Profit

    That's how I did it. If you get stuck you can probably find instructions online for how to do this with more detail.


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  • Thanks for all your help IronMan77. Could you suggest  a decent

    modem / router

    Can  I use the existing westell 7500 for either of the above ?

    I am stuck and do need detailed instructions. 


  • If you are confident that you need a new modem/router and its not some other internal/external factor (aka your current device is really dead) then you need to:

    1. Choose a new modem.

    2. Choose a new router.


    1. Choose a new modem/router combo.

    NewEgg has modem/router combos like you currently have. I have never used one but you can check the reviews.

    The only problem is I cant say which standards you need it to have to work with your Verizon DSL so you may wanna just request a simple modem only device from Verizon. Then just use that with your own router (like the Linksys WRT54GL).


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  • I do not recommend router / modem combos.  Using separate appliances are best.