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All Around, which is better?

  • Im a gamer, but I do like to use photoshop cs2, burn cds, etc. With the 8400 out of stock,would the q6600 be best buy atm or just wait for 8400? I only want to spend at most 260$ for my cpu. TY!
  • well do you game more or use photoshop more. the e8400 is better for gaming. and it will be back in stock at newegg on the 28th of this month.
  • Well I game more, and now i did a little more research on the xeon e3110, which is same as the e8400 but cheaper. Has same cache, same 45nm technology, same OC potential, same 1333mhz fsb, same stock 3.0ghz speed, an 65w. There is no reason nobody should get this if they want the e8400. On newegg, so far only two people have given reports, both 5 stars, and its already out of stock. Ebay sells them for 229.9$ + 14$ shipping. Im sure you can find it on other sites to.