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9600gt power requirement

  • will it work with 450watt psu??
  • it uses ~180 watts under full load, but it also depends on how much power your other components eat up as well
  • And the quality of your PSU
  • im askin for power requirment !
  • And they're trying to help you get that information. Say you had a computer with an OC'd Q6600, 8GB OC'd RAM, 4 DVD drives, and 2 floppy drives. It would take about a 700W PSU to power all of this, and 700W is well above what is recommended for a 9600GT. However, because of all of the devices drawing on the PSU, the video card would not get enough power because it draws 180W and some (don't know how many) amps from the PSU rail. This is why Mr. Big and Reinier asked you what else (like cd drives) you had hooked up into your computer. Your PSU brand and model would be VERY useful info, too.

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  • omg i just wanna know recommanded power supply requirement
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    What we are trying to say is that tthe wattage is not the only factor. Of course, it you get a something like a 750W or 1kW PSU, it will be supported. However, the quality of the PSU also comes into play along with the stress you put on the unit

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  • Naturally there is a minimum requirement, which I think is 400W and some amps for the 9600gt, but that is if you ONLY had the video card hooked up (or is that with just a few things hooked up? Hmm...) There is NEVER a specific if-you-have-this-it-will-work-100%-of-the-time power requirement for ANY video cards.
  • Ever think of clicking the links on new eggs site for the full specs?

    Manufacturer Product Page


    If you have a hungry system (as stated) and you only have a 400w PSU, good luck. Whip

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