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Help with Ram Installation

  • Just received thye following from newegg: Kingston 8GB (2x4) DDR3-1333 C9 UNB to install in HP Pavilion np7-1235. On install, PC would not reboot. Removed the new Ram and all was well again. HP states that RAM must be:

    for SO-DIMM

    240-pin DDR-DIMM

    PC3-10600 (1333 MHz) DDR3-SDRAM

    1.5 V memory only

    16.0 GB max installable memory using 4GB modules.


    Did I install the wrong way? Are these the right ones for5 my PC? Thx

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  • The two RAM modules have to be in two specific slots of the 4 RAM slots that you have.  If you have the two modules right next to each other, try moving the 2nd module to the 3rd slot instead of the 2nd slot right next to the 1st slot which is populated by the 1st RAM.

    Your manual should explain this.  Exactly which two slots to populate with the first set of RAM modules depends on the motherboard.  So you need to read your manual.

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  • Thanks so much!! Will take another look at how the HP modules were placed, and go from there.
  • Actually, slots 1 and 3 are empty so I'm not following how to move these around. I cannot find any info on the mother board other than: 2AEO 1.0. Thanks again!
  • Here's motherboard info. Thanks for peeking at this!




  • For some reason, snip did not paste properly.

     Motherboard: Jasmine MSI MS-7778

    Dual channel memory architecture

    Four 240-pin DDR3 DIMM sockets

    Supports DDR3 DIMMS: PC3 10600 (what I bought)

    Non-ECC memory only, unbuffered

     Up to 32GB on 64-bit systems (what I have)



  • hman1:
    ....HP Pavilion np7-1235....

    No such critter.  Provide link.

    RAM only goes in one way.

    Read manual...nobody else can.


  • error in model #. It is HP Pavilion p7-1235

    Data in last message is from HP site, describes the motherboard. There is no manual. I have done this before with other machines, both laptop and desktop. Want to make sure I purchased the correct modules.

  • hman1:
    error in model #. It is HP Pavilion p7-1235....

    Well what you have stated above sure doesn't come from here.


  • Here's the link.


  • Look a bit harder. From your link,

    Upgrading Memory (RAM)

    Scroll down. It's extreeeeeeeeeeemly user friendly with videos and all.

    by the way you haven't posted a link to the specifi RAM you bought so the RAM info you THINK you got is compatible is all I can say about your new RAM

    or are you saying which slots to use?

    You put one module in one of the slotswhere your original set of RAM was in and hte other new module to the other slot where the 2nd module of the original set was in.


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  • in my first post:

    Just received the following from newegg: Kingston 8GB (2x4) DDR3-1333 C9 UNB .

    PC has 8GB already installed in slots 1 and 3. I wanted to add 8GB (4GBx2). Tried slots 2 and 4 and that's what didn't work. The height of original modules is smaller than the ones I just bought. If I #$%^&%ed up, I canm always re-purchase the correct ones.

    Kingston Part No: KVR1333D3N9K2/8G

    Thanks for trying to assist me.

  • reinstalled modules, all is well. Thanks for your assistance.