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Memory Compatibility with GA-P35-DS3L

  • Hi all,


    I recently receive a gift from my friend which is the A-DATA memory:

    He bought 2 of these last November (Thanks giving sale promo), so that makes it non-returnable or refundable already.

    My question is, I also bought a P35-DS3L in Newegg (which by the way is not in the website anymore, I wonder why?)

    Unfortunately, this memory is not listed in the memory compatibility list from the Gigabyte website.  But I got no choice :(

    Can anyone confirm if these memory will work with the P35-DS3L? 

    Someone said that the A-DATA Vitesta, that is different from what I received, works with this mobo. *This Vitesta memory is also not listed in the memory compatibility list of Gigabyte, but it worked.

    I really hope someone can confirm these 2 parts are compatible :)


    Thank you very much.



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  • I don't personally own either of those two components, so I can't speak from experience, but unless the memory has odd specs (which this doesn't) you shouldn't have any trouble. It's within the JEDEC standards. Just run Memtest after you get it installed.
  • I have that board with a kit of Patriot Extreme 6400 mem (which is not listed as compitable) and it works like a champ. 
  • That Board does have allot of RAM compatibility issues with memory not on the QVL.

    But most of the problems are on DDR2- 667 RAM................. DDR2-800 doesn't seem to have many problems on that board.

  • Thanks for the reply guys.  I can't seem to wait to test it :D  I really hope this works.