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Dell Precision 670 CPU Fan

  • I have dual processors on my Precision 670 and the fan noise is unbearable at high speeds. Does anyone know what a good, quite, replacement fans I can get?

  • Socket 604 I believe??? Not to much to choose from there that I know of so you might think about just replacing the fans with newer more silent running one that will run around the same rpm.  Just measure them so you get the correct size.  Not sure if that board will auto adjust rpm on cpu or let you adjust it??? Yeh I can't get to much info on dell site without a service tag???
  • From all the brackets and mounts they put in that thing, I doubt there's much room to put in a HSF that any taller or wider than whats already in there. I'd try Nate's solid advice, a nice new fan, with better RPMs. Should cost too much, so worth a try.



  • Thanks for the advice!

    My service tag number is 9H2GC61. The fan measures 90 x 90 x 25 mm. I can't really find a replacement fan because it does not have a standard 3-pin plug.

    If you take a look at top right of this picture ( you will notice the plug is different.

  • On my way to work at the moment and will get back to you later.
  • Apologize for the delay,

    This one is about the only one I could find that didn't have an outrageous price.

    I'd recommend maybe a couple of different things.  The shroud may be what is causing most of the noise and the heatsink itself looks like a fairly decent one.  Maybe try removing the shroud and use zip-ties to mount the fan to the heatsink.  You might want to have it blowing towards the exhaust fan.  Unless they have that one set up as exhaust???  I'd hope that one is pulling in fresh and another is exhausting though.

    If you just want to replace the fan because the fan is getting noisy with age then those wire adapters are usually fairly easy to rewire, it's just knowing where the wires go that is the big deal. 

    I was never able to get an exact size on the fan so can't offer any suggestions to you.  Usually the  quieter the fan though sometimes the less rpm it will have also so you may want to look at that.  Just compare the cfm which is how much air the fan will move the dba which is how many decibals the fan puts out.  Those are the big two.  You should be able to find reviews maybe also.  For a google shopping search of what you want to find use pwm fan. 

  • Hi natesuniverse,

    Thanks for the link and your suggestions. I really don't mind spending a little more and getting a better fan. I was thinking of replacing the whole heatsink altogether. Any suggestions on that?


  • Is this what it looks to be internally?

    Dell Precision 360 Heatsink - 9Y212  or one of the others shrouds from here?

    Because IMO, if you want a different  HSF you'll be hard pressed to find one thats gonna fit within. You may do better to lose the shroud, and optimize the restof air flow to compensate for the case temp, albeit, hopefully a really good HSF will keep the temp inut down too.

    either that or give us the measurments on the existing HSF and we can look around.


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  • Yes Penewab2007, that is exactly how the inside of me PC looks like.

    Do you need the specs just of the base of the heatsink or the whole thing?


  • Ok I just did a google product search with cpu cooler instead of heatsink and it came up with a couple of decent coolers  that depends on if the mounting on the dell is propriatary also???  Heres a look at them if you want.

    The thermalright looks about like the cooler that you have in there as far as I can tell.  That is why I said the cooler you have in there looks pretty decent if it is the same.  Some new thermal paste take out the shroud and strap on a 120mm fan and see what she does.  That will give you a better look at the socket also.

    Scythe are usually pretty good coolers also.

    I'm not for sure but I believe it is the server coolers that may not work for your motherboard but take a closer look. 

    Newegg also have a couple listed under heatsinks/cpu socket 604. 

  • I just checked my CPU temperature and it's running HOT. I mean it's at 228 degrees Fahrenheit. I definitely need to change my heatsink.

    The only one that seems to fit my motherboard is Dynatron H6HG 60mm 2 Ball CPU Cooler

    Is there any mod I can do to fit a decently cooling, quite fan on my motherboard?

  • That's got to be wrong as the system would have shut down hopefully!!!!!!!!!!! AS that is 100 celsius and I know of no processor that can handle that except for graphics.

    Take the shroud off and take apart everything and clean out all the dust bunnies with some can duster as the system does seem a little aged. that is if you haven't done this before.

    There is always a mod you can do it is whether or not you want to take the time and are willing to put the effort into it. 

    What were you using to measure that temp???????? 


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  • I used EVEREST Ultimate Edition to measure my temperature. The program is supposed to be one of the best out there so I assume it would tell me the correct temperature.

    My PC is dust free, so dust is definitely not the problem.

  • Try HWmonitor, I can't see everest being too wrong but just in case.



  • Sorry for such a late reply, but here goes.....

    I've had the fans go full speed only on one occasion on the Precision 670. It was when the VRM gave out and I tried booting the machine with the faulty module inside. Usually the workstation is relatively quiet, meaning that something has to be up for the fans to spin up to full speed. I'm sure you don't need to get new heatsinks, since the multi-fin heatpipe heatsinks that are already in the computer do the trick. Try reseating the heatsinks. If that doesn't quite do the trick, try getting some arctic silver.