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What is the upper limit for CPU temp under stress?

  • I just did my first overclock today on a Intel Q6600 (after doing a lot of reading on the subject on how to setup the Bios settings).

    Here is a chart showing Temp as I increased FSB speed.

    Core Speed 2394Mhz CoreTemp 54C

    Core Speed 2484Mhz CoreTemp 56C

    Core Speed 2574Mhz CoreTemp 58C

    Core Speed 2664Mhz CoreTemp 60C

    Core Speed 2754Mhz CoreTemp 65C

    Core Speed 2844Mhz CoreTemp 68C

    Core Speed 2934Mhz CoreTemp 68C

    Core Speed 2997Mhz CoreTemp 70C


    The temperatures were taken with Core Temp while the computer was under stress with IntelBurnTest. My CPU is cooled by a CORSAIR Cooling Hydro Series CWCH50-1. CPU voltage was left on AUTO. It read about 1.36 volts when idle.

    The last setting of 2997Mhz runs pretty hot under load, but when I am using the computer under normal circumstances it never goes over 50C.

    I am a little disappointed with my CORSAIR cooler. I thought it would work better than it did. Others have gotten better results.

    My question is, where is the upper limit for temperature for a CPU under stress during testing with IntelBurn Test?

    70C seems hot to me, but as I said, the CPU never goes over 50C during normal use.

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  • The highest I would comfortably have my CPU under load would be at 65C.

    There are a number of factors that affect what temperatures you get with a cooler.  Two of the most important is the amount of thermal paste and the compressive force. The tighter the compression between the heatsink and CPU heatspreader, the better a cooler will generally perform.  However you don't want to apply too much force, or you may damage the motherboard. The amount of thermal paste is also a huge factor.  You want a minimum of thermal paste.  Just enough to fill the small voids/roughness on the bottom of the heatsink.

  • Intel's posted limit is 71 degrees C. I have that same CPU on my wife's rig and have it OCed to 3.2 ghz and temps even at 90% load have not gone above 55 degrees C and she has the HT 2 XT 92mm fan HSK&F. I would be getting a good air HSK&F for that rigg if I were you.
  • I don’t know what a HSK&F is, but I did find part of the problem. My Vcore was set on AUTO. I set it on Normal which lowered the voltage back to factory (and locked it I guess), and the temperature came down 7C. It’s reading at 63 C under full load now. I switched from IntelBurnTest to Prime95 and it even dropped another 5C.

    Part of the problem might be that I have always left the side panels off my computers. I started doing this years ago, because I got tired of taking off the side panels every time I wanted to get inside the computer to work on it. So you see, I don’t have any case fans at all. The only fan I have on my computer is the one the CORSAIR Cooling Hydro CPU cooler uses. It does not push much air through the radiator. I may install another fan which moves more air.

    I’m new to overclocking so I’m still learning. I’ve read several articles on overclocking, but they do not all agree, plus my MB BIOS does not always have the extra controls they talk about.


    Anyway, thanks for telling me about Intel’s 71 C limit on the Q6600.

  • That is short for heatsink and fan, as for the settings for the voltage when you raise the fsbs you may have to raise the voltage for the CPU or leave it in auto so it will adjust automaticially as needed if you don't you could loose your stability and end up with BSOD (Blue Screens of Death) or random crashes or shut downs. Only problem with leaving the side panels off is you leave it open for a lot of dust and stuff to get in which means more frequent cleanning so you can maintain the heat dissapation. Usually they have the same controls just listed under different names or nomanclature and as for fans you should have at least 2 or 3 1 for exhaust mounted at the rear of the case and 1 or 2 in the front for drawing in fresh air and a side fan to blow cool air on the Video Card because next to the CPU the VC is the hottest component in your system.
  • Cases are designed to direct airflow. Leaving the case covers off defeats the purpose.
  • Thanks again for the information Hoghauler.

  • FascistNation:
    Cases are designed to direct airflow. Leaving the case covers off defeats the purpose.


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    Kori, after you are done, can you tell me exactly how you set your BIOS? I mma OC my Q6600 too. Imma STEAL it from ya!  Egyptian

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  • You are more than welcome.