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where do the wires plug into?

  • Have fun building!
  • scorrpio:
    That Antec is an excellent choice, a Tier 2 unit, with 33A total of 12V, and 80plus bronze certified.    I got an Antec NeoPower480 in my HTPC.   I bought this PSU in mid-2005, and carried it through 3 major PC overhauls, mobo upgrade and all - after all the years, it still runs like a champ,  24/7, its voltages never deviating more than 1% from the spec.  

    First let me state that i am NOT changing the case or PSU that we all finally decided on, I am simply curious. With that said, how do you know that the ANTEC PSU is a tier 2 unit? Is there a section of the forums where I can read this? Can you provide me a link if there is?

  • here is the link for PS tiers
  • Is there a link just like that for computer cases? Tier rated? if so can you provide it please?
  • No, one doesn't exist for cases. The choice of a case is not as serious of a decision as that of a PSU. With that said, the two most important things in choosing case are that the case accommodates what you want to put in and that it has decent ventilation for what you put inside.

    Aside from the number of bays, ports, and looks etc, some enthusiasts' video cards are long, so, small cases can present a problem. Good ventilation of the case helps with the temperatures of the CPU, GPU, and HDDs and that translates into the longevity of those components. In general, it's good to consider a case with "at least" one 120mm fan or two 80mm fans. One 80mm is acceptable only if you do not have a dedicated GPU and the CPU is low wattage.

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  • Well if that is the case then I am good to go with the case that scorpio reccomended which is ---->
  • It's a nice case and an amazing deal for sure! :-)

    By the way there's another version of the same case.

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  • First, let me  say this. I am keeping the AZZA case with the RED lights, it's just a better deal with the $5.00 extra rebate.

    But now I need the help of "Products", Leperchan, Scorpio & Facistnation please. I think I actually found a better deal on the PSU located here ---->

    Please compare them and let me know what you all think, thanks.

  • I dont' think the OCZ is bad at all. And it comes with two 6-pin PCIe connectors and 6 SATAs plus is moduler, whereas the Ante has one 6-pin PCIe and 5 SATAs, but the Antec is are more efficient.It will cost you less electricity. It is your choice. Both have good amps (33-36) on the two 12Vs rails. I might go with the OCZ between the two in this case because of the MIR.