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Do I need to keep the Windows.old file?

  •    I'm looking to free up some room on my hard drive and I'm wondering if it's "safe" to delete my Windows.old file?  I don't know for sure but I think it is the older Vista installation (had to reinstall) and the file is atleast a year old.  I have less than 4 gigs on my hard drive so I'm getting rid of anything I don't use.  This windows.old file is over 22gigs so it would be a big help. :)
  • It's safe to do so as long as you are sure you don't need anything in there anymore.
  • Yes, it would be an older Vista installation. If you're sure you got all your documents and saved games out of there, then it's safe to delete.. I was surprised to see that Vista throws so much data into the Windows.old folder, including every user's documents but at least it's a lot more organized.   When you can buy 1TB of hard drive space for 70 bucks, I don't see any rush to delete my own Windows.old folder, in fact, I've got several.. I guess when I start getting closer to using around 10% of my 4 teras of hard drive space, I'll think about cleaning house..

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  •    Thanks for the info.  I wasn't 100% sure but better safe than sorry.  Thanks agian.