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New build failure

  • Ok so I just put together a new build with the following specs

    Case- Coolmaster Haf x
    Processor - Intel Core i7-2700K
    Memory - G.SKILL Ripjaws X Series 8GB
    Mother board - ASUS P8Z68-V PRO/GEN3
    Crucial M4 CT128M4SSD2 2.5" 128GB
    Seagate Barracuda XT 2TB
    MSI N580GTX Lightning Xtreme Edition
    COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold Series RSC00-80GAD3-US 1200W
    LG Black(Blu-ra and DVD read Write)
    TV tuner

    I first did a test run of the PSU, GPU, memory, CPU, CPU cooler and motherboard outside of the case.
    This went perfectly

    So I then proceed to install everything in the case and everything goes fine until I try to turn on the power for the PSU

    When I flip the switch there is a loud pop sparks fly and there is a little bit of smoke.

    What the heck happened?!
    Any help or advise would be much appreciated
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  • First off, I have to bring back this Oldie but Goodie---computers run on smoke, once you let the smoke out they don't run.  sorry

    Where did the sparks, pop, smoke come from, I suspect the power supply.   Cooler Master makes great cases but not so great power supplies.

    Did you install the proper number of motherboard standoffs in the case before mounting your motherboard?

    I would take everything apart and search for any burnt traces on everything, and nicked wires on the power supply leads.

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  • I believe the sparks and smoke came from the PSU because now the power switch for the PSU wont flip to off

    I just checked again and I installed only the correct brass standoffs so thats no the problem
    I did notice something though. The back plate for the cpu cooler was touching the case...could this have done it?
    and if this is the problem please tell me id didnt ruin my CPUor MOBO

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  • Well if the sparks and smoke came from the power switch on the back of the PSU, there is still a little hope.  Generally you can sniff out where the problem is.  You probably have noticed a rather pungent smell that burnt electronics give off.  It will stay on the components for days.  So you might be able to smell in addition to looking at your parts to tell what got toasted and what might be salvagable.

    All in all, I would give a new PSU a try.

    Hope you can get this fixed,

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  • ya i ordered a new PSU and am going to try it when it comes in. But im trying to figure out what went the first time so it doesnt happen again
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