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Gigabyte GA-MA770-DS4 mobo wont post without -5v

  • Help!  My motherboard won't post unless I use a power supply that has a -5v pin in the 24 pin connector. I just built this rig and it's all brand new stuff. Why do I need -5v pin when that was outdated 4 years ago? Is my motherboard messed up? Build is above mobo-OCZ platinum 2 x 1g memory, amd 6400+ cpu,  GIGABYTE GV-RX385512H Radeon HD 3850 512MB video card, 650 watt coolmaster psu....not installed due to posting problem, I have an aspire 680 watt psu that has a -5v pin installed right now so I can use it.





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  • You're right. You seem like you've got it figured out already. It would be interesting to get a confirmation from another owner of your motherboard. But, you'd think there would be complaints on it's feedback page.

    Motherboards don't usually require the -5 volt pin anymore. I don't think any new motherboards require it for that matter. And if it did it should've been specified in the specifications page. That's very odd.

    I would contact the manufacturer and see what they say about it requiring a -5 pin.

    You should probably return it to Newegg.

    If it does require a -5 volt pin the manufacturer should be slapped upside down, up and all around and I would have Newegg send you a shipping label for an exchange for another motherboard. I certainly wouldn't keep a mobo like that.

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