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Can over heating Cpu cause in game lag?

  • Hi, i have a p4 3.0 ghz and the temp has reached 90 C (yes i know its too hot). Could this be why when Im playing Counter strike or any other game lags? My ping to this one server was like 20 and I still lagged
  • Certainly, causing any hardawre to heat up like puts stress on it, and lag could potentially be one result. Though I would check out exactly what your video card is doing among the scheme of things. If you're using a stock cooler, a nice after market may help out.


  • Thanks for the feedback, i took my computer to my computer repair teacher and he used a compressor to blow the dust away, an di applied some thermal compound and now im getting temps around 30 C :D. Fan never goes on full power even when playing cs or left for dead . Only thing is, im gegtting lots of choke  and i thinks its the new modem comcast sent me , so im am going to call them and ask for a new one.
  • theres also a good chance your pc maybe just be a bit  too slow for L4D, what graphics card are you running with that p4?

    Try playing L4D single player before you waste your time with comcast. If it still lags you know it's the pc.
  • its a geforece 6200, it used to run fine b4 comcast gave me this new modem, trust me, and ive hooked up another pc to the modem with cz and it does the same thing
  • well if it was running fine before than i suppose that must be it Yes

    That said your gpu is below required system specs so that def isnt helping.

  • actually my pc meets the specs just not the video video card but i play on low settings, 800*600 and get around 40 fps, lags and chokes and ping jumps, so im pretty sure its this new modem, also ive tired to play cz on a diff computer that i hooked into that same modem and it got choke and lag , ping would jump from like 20-70s lol f***ing comcast. With old rca modem, i never had this problem.