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  • Fizzter

    de madre a hija

    De madre a hija, Jamie sigue el camino de su madre Marie en la industria del porno. La historia de las películas porno se puede retomar a principio del siglo XX, alrededor del 1910 salio lo que puede denominarse la primer película...
  • Fizzter

    El la cama con ella

    No te haces una idea de lo que me gusta tu hamaca. Cada vez que estoy en ella, me haces gozar de semejante manera que siento que el espacio va desmesurado rápido, que se escapa de por medio mis extremo, y que continuamente es demasiado pronto para...
  • Fizzter

    Que es para ti la pareja

    La industria pornográfica es una de las más lucrativas del mundo, de hecho, es el segundo negocio que más da dinero en el mundo, y el primero si hablamos en términos de legalidad (el narcotráfico no es legal), y si produce...
  • Fizzter

    La nieta y la abuela, su pasión por el partes

    la pasion de una nieta Desde pequeña invariablemente tuvo una curiosidad exclusivo por los varones, por saber que es lo que tienen, que es lo que los diferencia tanto a uno de otros, porque son de diferentes sexos, desde chica era una investigadora...
  • Fizzter

    de nuevo los dibujos

    El hentai y el sexo son uno solo, no puede dividírsele, salvo en raras ocasiones pero conviene que estos estén estrechamente ligados para que pueda producir placer visual. El sexo que tengan los dibujos es un sexo enorme donde todo es posible...
  • Fizzter

    una y otra vez

    Existe gran cantidad de chicos malos caminando por nuestras calles, estos chicos buscan tener sexo siempre, les encanta sentir sus pieles sudorosas y exaltadas pasando por la las zonas más sensuales del cuerpo de alguien más y sintiendo...
  • root of all evil

    Nokia Lumina 920 and Windows 8 Mobile Review

    I was recently forced by my employer to switch from my Apple iPhone 5 to the Nokia Lumina 920. I've used both iOS and Android phones (both equally good in their own right), and I wasn't too thrilled with switching to yet another platform, let alone a...
  • FascistNation

    42, AMD, Intel, Microsoft and it's Windows 8 OS

    AMD began shopping itself. Never a good sign. Bankruptcy usually follows if there are no takers. Intel has taken some hits for lower sales reflecting perhaps the end of the desktop and even the laptop. Are consumers who are the final word abandoning...
  • danijelzi

    Asus P8B75-M LX Motherboard Unboxing

    I've recently started using the Asus P8B75-M LX, the latest motherboard with the Intel B75 chipset. I like how for $70 I got a micro ATX mobo with Ivy Bridge support, UEFI BIOS, and almost all necessary features for an everyday-use desktop PC. One of...
  • root of all evil

    Virtual Machines

    I recently ran upon a thread about Virtual Machines (VM's) and Virtualization. I figured a post on this topic has been long over due. For those of you who don't know what VM's are, I HIGHLY recommend that you read on. This technology is a game changer...

    Over Clocking

    OCing these days is relatively easy if you read the motherboard manuels. With the UEFI software that allows you to OC without going into BIOS and does a step by step procedure anyone with a little common sense can do it. Aw but here is the catch if you...


    There are basicly 3 ways to cool your CPU, first is just by heatsink alone (not recomended these days), a heatsink with fan (air cooling) or third water cooling. Now several things to know about cooling the CPU the cooler you keep it the better it runs...
  • root of all evil

    Predicting the Future - Technology

    I always wanted to do this kind of post but never had the time to put words to paper (so to speak). So here it goes. I'll be covering a wide range of topics, as technology has many fields, but bare with me. Operating Systems With the introduction of the...
  • adonia1313

    Consuming to one side that motor coaches relating

    Their American football conference Distance is comprised of most of the Patriots, all of the Aircraft, that Whales along with the Fees. Any kind of office that has a team that is constantly smart, in addition to three that may hover all around mediocrity...
  • adonia1313

    Consuming separated a dog trainers concerning kara

    The AFC Eastern side has a new Patriots, often the Aircraft, most of the Whales and so the Outlay. Some unit along with a workforce this is definitely commonly very good, also about three that hover all across mediocrity, the choices start from time to...
  • adonia1313

    American footbal Crucial Place Place Comments

    It's always not likely talked about all around your own house bulle from basketball combined with nba together with a higher education football, except teams throughout the Football many times come with major factors fitness center debts on the road....
  • adonia1313

    Notice successes ways while in the NFL

    Maurice Clarett has been that victim connected with cases it's typical to successfully very best college joggers. Along coming in Pitt, she was first cared for such as a senior young boy 1 . administered trucks, financial resources, all that you have...
  • adonia1313

    I came to be attentive to the particular NFL

    As soon as i was approximately Six to eight years of my in laws stayed in an exceedingly smaller Gear destination which had been strategy upon that pointy part on the region. It really has not likely been known for as much as Several years but that's...
  • adonia1313

    I came to be exspecting these NFL

    At the time i concerned Five years my loved ones was alive inside of a tiny Gear countryside this was manner in which on the main sharp cease of these country. It consists of not even been about for around 10 years that is a unique narrative together...
  • Bullethead

    Something is Wrong.....

    You have just spent hundreds if not thousands of dollars on your new Computer, LCD TV, Cell Phone, Stereo, Refrigerator and the dam thing stop working!! 1. Do your lights flicker in your home or office? 2. Does the power dip when you run the garbage...
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