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Did you see the MTV movie awards?

One word FUNNY!!! Laughing when Paris Hilton got owned by Sarah Silverman about Paris going to jail!!!!!! Crying almost because Paris is out of jail fricking crazy they should her a$$ up. Cool thing about the Movie Awards Rosie O'Donnald wasn't invited!!![rofl] 300 should have killed all the competition becuase it...

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Yes I know they most the people at the movie awards are cry babys or sobs but it is a little fun right!![H] But I understand what you mean and I it is hard not to agreed with your comment.[:P]
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so true so true....
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sounds alot like HS, alot of people that still need to grow up pointing fingers at others and laughing at them to make them selves feel better.  MTV has really gone down hill from when they used to be music TV.
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I read more about the mtv movie awards, and I agree she should be in jail, and it would be funny to see her being laughed at by her so called friends.
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