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Newegg suspends account as a retaliation

Back in the Summer of 2011 I ordered a number of power supplies that later turned out to be labeled incorrectly on Newegg's website (I forget exactly which model and I can't login to my account to find out). The stated wattage was off by 300 watts. Newegg admitted that they made a mistake. Newegg fixed the mistak......

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The ruling said Green “made unnecessary contact with a retaliatory swipe of his hand to the groin.” I've been in the same situation and suspended before. Discount men's clothing
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I hope not! I have a 10k credit with them I want to spend I’m suspended :( 


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no worry bro,,,just contact TGIFreddy as we instructed,, all will be good [;)]
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Perhaps it was a mistake or a software glitch. It would greatly help if there was more communication when a suspension occurs so I don't suspect the worst case, malicious scenario. I had an awful experience returning the power supplies to begin with, so the original post reflects and extends that experience quite a bit. If it does turn out to be innocent, I hope a mod will delete this thread so nobody gets rubbed the wrong way. 
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i've been ninjad by Buckeye again [:D]
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this could be a server problem,,we had a bunch of people get locked out a while back, and come to find out it was a server problem,,,

send a PM to this dude,, he works for NewEgg, unlike all the rest of us that just volunteer our time,,he can help u out>>>>  http://www.eggxpert.com/members/TGIFreddy.aspx    have a little patience tho, it is the weekend, but he will assuradly get back with u,,,he is our go to CS rep here on EggXpert,,,a problem solver if u will and a good one at that [8-|]

when u PM him just explain what has happened,,,, and remember,, attitude does make a difference,, i'm positive this is not something the Egg did to u in retribution bro [;)]

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I would highly doubt that it is retaliatory.  I would give them a call back on Monday and see what they can do for you, or you can also PM TGIFreddy here on the forums and see what he can do.
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