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Cable Management!

This has always been my low point for all computer builds. I really want to try and neaten up my case right now, but I can't figure out a good way to do it. I don't really want to cut wires and resolder them at all. My PSU is modular too!  The centurion 5 seems like a tough case to manage cables inside. &nb...

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The differance in the PCs we build and what the Big manufactureres can sell is the stream-lined parts...we seem to get lots of extra wires...

I looked the situation over in my PC-build and decided to PULL-the-Wires upwards....opening up the lower end of the case...

Then I chose to have the wires I use and then the larger sets seperate...so I used some Paper Tape(Painters Tape)to collect the sections(or harness the differant wires)..this created about three sections to tie upwards...and I used regular TWIST TIES...extra long....and pulled my wires up keeping the Twist Tie on the paper tape....I could also write on the paper tape some INFO...like DVD....Floppy....keep things in their place....

Keep wires away from the Processor Cooling Fan...and UP.

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[quote user="BillR"]

What I would really like to see is someone come up with something on the order of an internal power strip.

<o:p> </o:p>

As a for instance; a small tall narrow box running from top to bottom of the case. This should contain plugs at the bottom (or top depending where your PSU is located). The idea here is you could plug say two rails of 12 volts using the standard 4 pin Molex at the one end and have say 8 (totally random number) sockets running vertically within the case. All you would need in this instance would be short connector wires to run power to your hard drives, optical drives, fans, floppy etc.

<o:p> </o:p>

These could be made to handle any type of connector or combination of connectors. Again as a for instance one for the back of the case as well for fans and or CPU power plugs. Also one for the center of the case for video card wiring, the usual extra plug sometimes used to enhance power for SLI setups etc.

<o:p> </o:p>

Anyway, just spit balling some ideas here, random thoughts as it were[8-|]


Not exactly what you mentioned, but take a look at this.



This other one for fans.



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Here is my attempt w/ the Antec P180 Silver case, which happens to have the P182 interior.


Most of the power cables and IDEs are routed through the back of the case. 

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I just see these ideas today and I can find my cables mess there...

will make them docile accordingly[guns]

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nice tape work around the back
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as far as the cables on the bottom, buy shorter ones and/or tuck then in behind the main board, or put the hdd on the bottom and tuck them under (beware of fans if its cooled)

the web site above, he's got power strips, fan monitor/controllers and all kinds of mods

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these guys have nice mods.  These can wrap around your cables and make them all in one cord, which will help with cooling and appearance.

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Well i sifted through my pics and they are all outdated, but i found one that should lend some insight as to hiding stuff behind the motherboard and stuffing excess wires and tiewrapping them to the case in the upper 5.25 bay. Duct tape and scotch tape can be used sparingly if you cant use a tie wrap in a spot.  I found the link to a nice wire management guide, but alas the site has discontinued, so i will have to search for the false bottom pic, and so far i haven't found it yet. 



BTW the power cable i have coming down the back of my case goes to my vid card. Note that this was right after i installed my new NV Silencer and extra 80mm fan at the bottom was used to keep my old passive cooled vid card from overheating.  I gotta get some new pics to better show you some techniques of wire management. 

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You can use bay busses as power strip like connectors.  I believe that's where you have one input with 4 feeds.

Looking at my computer case they could almost move everything over another inch and a half and use that extra space BEHIND the mobo tray to manage the cables better.

Using the space behind the HDD rails is a good trick.  You may even be able to use open bays to secure zip ties to or use the adhesive mounts that you can ziptie to.

I however will shorten cables when necessary, but working in a PC shop we have almost everything to make custom cables for USB Cables, and all the LEDS and switches get shortened too, mounted into however many blocks we need (instead of individual pins) and then throw the whole mess into heatshrink.  Serves two purposes.  1. No more putting all the PS, RS, HDD LED, POWER LED, Front Panel Audio, USB, etc, all back together each time you have to disconnect it all.  2. Pulling out the front panel is a cinch and everything comes along in one nice neat group.

Like one of the first replies said.  It's an art.  No set way to do it.


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Nice case. I see the unique problem here is that the PSU is on the bottom. Don't have any pics as I don't have this case, but if you shot a straight on pic of the side of the setup in question, I'm sure I could draw a diagram overlay of where to route.
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