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I need a DVD burner...

Hello,  I have a HP desktop with Windows XP that's about 10 years old.  And, no, it's not steam powered.  I works fine and all, but it's getting full of video and I need to get them off before it crashes. Here's the thing, it has a hp cd-writer and a dvd-rom tray, (pardon my total lac...

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Can you suggest me best dvd burner for windows pc. I want to list it on my website http://windows10helps.com for my readers.

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Here is how to use Nero 11



More simplied version of Nero looks like this.



Still can't figure out,

there is the Nero forum.


and Nero 11 Manuals.




Not endorsing this but a free DVD author software.... could give it a shot if Nero is soo stripped down and can't do what you want it to do.


I have used DVDFlick and worked for me, one of very free DVD authoring softwares that I have used.


I don't remember if it directly burned to a DVD disc, OR it create a DVD title and then I had to use ImgBurn to burn the Video_TS folder...

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You shouldn't have to.

Software makers often give you that type of popups trying to get ou to upgrade.

I say don't fall for it.  What happens when you ignore that message and go right ahead to burn DVDs?  My Cyberlink software does hte same, I just ignore and burn.

If you could install the software then you should already have DVD codecs installed.


Try Windows Movie Maker.  I'ts a free software that comes built into Windows.  It's a video editing software but at the end you may be able to burn a DVD movie disc also. But that part, I am sure with Vista and Windows 7, just don't remember about XP's Movie Maker.  I had Nero and Roxio when I had XP and used to burn DVDs.  At least you can convert it into WMV format with Movie Maker on XP then even a strip down version of Nero might be able to compile a DVD ISO.

Gosh, it's been so long since I had XP.  HOpe someone with XP can fill in gaps.  XP didn't come with built in DVD codecs (mpeg2 codec) so I had to install on my own, but Nero should come with those and when you isntall the software, they should automatically install on your system. 

Are you saying you coldn't install or you could install but when you try to burn, you get the error message?

That's all for burning "MOVIE" discs for playback on stand along DVD players.

Burning DATA discs (making copies of the movie files to a disc) can be done with stuff like ImgBurn also

Free DVD burning softwares. See ImgBurn




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And the line goes silent.....

 Nevermind about the Nero 12 software, every review I come across says it's basically garbage.  Good thing newegg was out of stock or I might have made the same mistake as others and bought it.

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OK, I installed the DVD burner, connected the SATA data cord and power cord, downloaded everything for the Nero software and I still can't make a DVD.

I try to burn one and I get a message that I need to upgrade to Nero 12.  I thought that this would be all I need. 

Are the Nero essentials on the disc that came with the burner just for photos?  (BTW, I didn't need that, I'm not interested in putting pictures on discs).

I just want to burn the movies of the kids before this computer goes down.  I don't care about gaming or having the the fastest computer. 

If I get the Nero 12 upgrade, will I be able to burn a dvd?  I don't want to have to keep buying more and more stuff, I don't think this computer has the memory or the abilty to have it expanded anymore.



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Ok, I got the DVD burner in the mail today.  I needed to take out one of the other "trays" so I removed the hp cd-writer.  It was on the slave wire loom, if that makes a difference.

Anyway, I found this plug and I'm guessing that this is the SATA power plug since it goes into the transformer. 


Now I just need the SATA cord to connect the header to the DVD burner, right?

Thanks Again,


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Too be honest yu would be better off buying a new HDD and plug it in, clean install XP over to it for a faster PC.
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Thank You soooo much for your help and being patient with a novice.

I just checked my system properties and it says I have service pack 3, so I guess I'm ready to go.

I'm going to order that DVD burner tomorrow, can't wait!

Thanks Again,


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Yup these are SATA headers so you should be able to use the ASUS DVD burner above.  You need one unused SATA header to connect the DVD burner. You also have to get a SATA power plug from the power supply unit and plug it into the DVD burner so that it can be powered.

I think the ASUS that I linked was non-OEM and comes with a basic software that lets you burn both data and movie discs.  In its specs is "Nero 9".  Burning a <strike>data </strike>movie disc would allow you to watch the movie on AV devices such as a stand along DVD player.  But since it converts the video file, it could lower the quality of the original file depending on how good the original is.  Burning a data disc would just make a copy of the original file, you know like a data backup. So there is no conversion, alteration or qualtiy loss of the original file. But the disc can only be read, accessed and played back on a computer with appropriate codecs installed.

Yes, it would show up somewhere in Start --> Programs but I can't think you have it or have a version that burns DVDs when you don't have a DVD buer, ya know??? 

Please make sure that your XP is updated with Service Packs and all.

No you don't "have to" remove the CD burner / DVD reader so long as you have a space in your computer case to install the new drive without removing it, and one unused SATA header and one unused SATA power plug.

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