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Music and file server

I want to put a computer in the living room that would be used for:playing music and occasional youtube videoschecking emailfile server So I'm looking for a small cheap computer that can hold at least 2 HDs. I will also add a small monitor and a keyboard with a built in trackpad. I will install Linux on it bu...

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As I understood you just need a system for doing basic stuff so get a decent PC with 8GB RAM & 2TB HDD & don't forget to add 128 SSD to it.  That will ease your work. Get ASUS TUF X470 motherboard & assemble all these onto it. 

If you are planning to buy a Laptop I would recommend you to go for Dell Inspiron series only because of the battery factor.  Inspiron Series has the best battery backup. 

Mostly these days when we are bored we start using Youtube ( Fun fact Internet Usage has increased by 19% more in yeara 2016-17), people are using Video content from Youtube more these days. What I do in my free time is play Games online or listen to music & sometimes you can watch movies on online movie platforms like worldfree4u.  

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Why you are depending on youtube for music. First of all, Youtube doesn't support simultaneous play. You can't play youtube in the background. Music gets off when the screen is locked. Instead of you can try music apps mentioned here for the hassle-free play of music.
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It could work fine, I can't find anyone who's tried it in the short time I did research, but the general idea with specialized hard drives is that they are designed for a very specific task. So that HD designed for a surveillance system might have REALLY good write speed. But on the flip side, it might have much lower random seek speeds, or read speeds and such. If the HD worked very well in desktops, they'd push it to that market. IMO, you're better off going with a drive designed for daily desktop use. There has to be a trade off somewhere with a video surveillance drive. It's honestly more of an educated guess on my part, but it's a fairly well educated guess as I know it applies to NAS hard drives and low speed 'green' drives meant for long term data storage.
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There was a time when I had a bunch of old PCs waiting around for just such cases but that was long ago.

Now I have less time and storage space but more money so I'm gonna buy a new computer.

It's going to be out in the open. It doesn't need to be a work of art but it shouldn't be an eyesore.


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An old PC would be ideal retasked for this purpose.  The only considerations I can see is does it need a quiet/silent PSU and does it need a HTPC stype case so it can be out in the open, or will tucked away somewhere work?
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Thanks. I updated the wishlist to reflect some of your suggestions.

Out of curiosity what is different about HDs that are intended for video surveillance? Just faster write times or is there something else?



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I assure you that you only need 8GBs of RAM, internet browsing doesn't use much at all. Even with 50 Tabs :) Past 8GBs you're not going to add performance, but it's your money. 

This would save a few bucks: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16827135204 Unless you need that specific DVD burner.

Also, those hard drives are intended for video surveillance systems, and may not optimized for computing needs (I'd probably not risk issues). I'd suggest this as an alternative:  http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16822136533 Very nice drives with a 5 year warranty. 

I'd also look into a better case, I just jumped over the reviews, but I didn't see any that suggested it was a good case. I'd also suggest getting a higher quality PSU rather than a freebie one. As a rule of thumb, I classify PSUs included in a case as 'wouldn't use them if they were free'.  

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OK here's a wishlist with a proposed build. I didn't include speakers since I already have some connected to a stereo amp.

I added more ram than I need just because it's so cheap and in my experience it does a lot to improve performance, especially if someone in your house likes to leave 50 tabs open in the browser window :)


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Lol. It's cool. My fault for not making it clickable ;) I figure if you can't figure out how to copy and paste a link, then you don't deserve a computer.
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Oh I didn't check the link :P Just saw you say micro ATX XD I'm lazy today
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