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new build advice

hi,am looking for advice on what to put into my new Thermaltake GT 10 battle edition case and will a h100i ligid cooler work in  it, within  a 4k budget,also am muti-boxing diablo 3 and running 3 monitors and would like to stream

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Your topic is getting a lot of followers and so do I. Thank you for sharing. slither io
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hi,thanks for answer but am not looking at a new case as I have a thermaltake GT 10 sitting in my house atm that cost a little over $400,but the case you recommend is nice as well newegg does carry the thermaltake GT 10 just not the battle edition,which is what I have atm,all thermaltake GT 10's are the same mine just looks military,so I would like to stay within that theme, I run 4 diablo 3 accounts, as well as on the internet at the same time,monitors are set so I can go onto the internet on one monitor and my main account is on the other monitor and 3 accounts on the third monitor,one of the problems I run into now on my old gaming p.c. is one or two of the account screens will freeze while playing,so need to avoid this problem,as I notice my video card is getting real hot its a GTX 680 on a rampage 4 extreme motherboard,so any changes to what you recommend?
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Diablo 3 is not that demanding of a game. The problem you run into with a muti-box is running it 3 X on one PC then you wish to stream it at the same time. Plus your running it on 3 monitors I guess as one.

Not really impossible and keeping the FPS high. This should be pleanty of overkill.

First the case I have not worked with that one but I know this case will work with everything I have used it with a similar build the main thing is the 280MM CPU cooler and having a place to moundt it.

$3100 Big time rad system.

Overclock the processor to about 4.5 make sure it's 100% stable. Should be easy with that motherboard and CPU cooler.

The memory has killer timmings @ 7-8-8-24 and pleanty of it.

Xfire 6GB 7970's should destroy that game even with 3 monitors.

Some overkill on the power supply but oh well it's high quality.

Make sure the game is loaded to the SSD for the read speed.

I think this is all the overkill for a gaming PC I could come up with.

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This post was joined to your existing thread. Our forum rules only allow one thread per computer to be built.  Please post all questions and changes to your build plan in this thread.  Thanks. 

hi,I have a thermaltake GT 10 battle edition and I have 3 monitors,i play diablo 3 muti-box 4 accounts and would like to stream working with a 10k budget and would like to build the dream gaming p.c. need advice on what to get to reach this high end gaming p.c. with this case,thanks

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