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What happened to newegg?

I recall a time, when Newegg offered free shipping - ON EVERYTHING. Now it's usually 2$, even if you chose the 5-8 day shipping. Even on stuff that weighs less than a damn pound. They also used to have the best prices on PC parts. Recently, Newegg had "Sales" on certain products for Bl......

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Newegg very clearly isn't what it use to be. It's likely several reasons. PC sales way down except those that game (mostly), and they are trying to be more like Amazon which was a mistake. The site is confusing in certain sections now. Search is not nearly as good as it was. The Default "plain view" is bad now. The default "click to buy now" buttons are stupid because it's off by default (meaning not typical newegg yellow) if you have a choice from several vendors you will see it only if you actually click into the item page itself. The same items are listed MANY times (example the same exact model of Logitech PC speakers) with wildly varying prices (they do this on purpose hoping unsuspecting customers might click and buy from the link that's $30.00 more). You now have reviews listed together where they were once separate. Example Raidmax case reviews, the same model but totally different colors now ALLhave the same reviews. Webmasters got lazy but it was more likely that a new newegg  marketing CEO dictated the changes. Same for power supplies you will see Brand "X" have the same reviews for the 530-600-620-750W models. So the newest reviews, unless the reviewer specifies what exact model he got you wont have ANYTHING to go by as a gamer with specific power needs.

Newegg seriously just needs to go back to what it was. It was perfect before, now it's just another website.

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totally agree with JoeC57,, just like everything else, when a company gets real big things do deteriorate sometimes,, I just had a problem with a NewEgg seller (E-bay),, got the wrong items as the seller did not have all the correct info,,i tried contacting the seller (e-mail only),,seller never responded, I called NewEgg CS and they gave me a contact number,,3 calls later I get a response,,not the one i'm looking for tho,,I still have the 2 items I bought as the shipping to send them back was what the items cost,,,and the item description has now been corrected,,, go figure 'eh???

NewEgg e-mailed me wanting me to review my items,, so review I did,, eggzactely as it happened,, guess what, the egg wouldn't post my reviews as they held the seller in a less than steller light,,,the old NewEgg would not have left me hangin with useless cr4p I cannot use,,,

no problem tho, use to be when I needed parts it was NewEgg that got all my business,, not anymore,, i'm going for price,,,if I want to get screwed i'll go to Utah where it's legal

as far as USPS is concerned, I have gotten 8 orders in the last 2 months from a seller that uses USPS free ship, it is Priority mail and gets to me in 2 or 3 days from the west coast to the east coast, and the CS is on the same level as  the Egg used to be ,,,

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NCIX often has the best prices on hard drives, it just pay's to shop around. I think Newegg has gotten really really big since I first made my purchase (around 2002) and it's not the same but nothing else is the same either. Best Buy not only matched my Newegg price for a new modem, but they also adjusted the tax to come out cheaper. It's was a local purchase, and I needed one without waiting. For some reason that is not understood by myself, I stopped getting email on e-blast deals too. Lat year I bought 90% from the Egg but this year other competitors have been more aggressive to get those sale dollars. Nothing personal....just the way business goes
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USPS delivers my Amazon stuff about 3/4 of the time. I've never been able to specify shipping with them either for free shipping. And when I do pay, I've never found the non-default option attractive(on Newegg either).

I'm not sure what to say on the pc parts front. I still find Newegg to have cheaper prices on most parts I look for. There are certainly more exceptions than there used to be. This is also true for Tiger.

Whether Newegg is inching prices up or Tiger and Amazon are slowly dropping to match, I can't say. Cpu prices tend to be about the same everywhere, outside of MicroCenter(who often sells them for a loss). Cases are about the same, too. I've found motherboards, hard drives, ssds, and video cards to be cheaper on Newegg.

You may be correct about monitors. I don't check those often, at all on Newegg, and I don't know if I've ever looked for them on Amazon at all.

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Not to mention you, cant even select who to ship your order by now.
I have had to drive to the nearest FedEx facility over 5 times to pick my package up because they couldn't deliver it. Now i find a $150 cpu that I just ordered was basically shipped by USPS.... I don't even trust the post to deliver my Netflix cd's properly let alone a freaking CPU!  I have asked several times about this and all I get is the generic "We are sorry for the blah blah blah, We are not going to do jack about it..." response!

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I remember when the economy didn't suck. 
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