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New car, what does it have?

Well, I recently bought my first car... A 2003 Monte Carlo SS in Silver. I pick it up Saturday. The car comes with a "premium sound package." What exactly does that mean? Can anyone tell me what the speakers are that they installed? Also, any advice on the car, such as problems to look for, etc?

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I have this car with that speaker but it's dead last month. So, I need to buy new jone.
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Very nice speakers.

Depending on what kind of amp you get, a 800w x2 should get the job done, but it depends on the quality of the amp. Just make sure it is stable at 3 ohms then wire the dual voice coils in a parallel circuit and it will drop them to 3 ohms. or you could do the same with 2 400w x1 amps if you want to split them up since there in seperate enclosures.

And I think there are some tweeters mounted in the car making 4 more speakers (1 1/4" I think)

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as far as I know, there are only 4 speakers in my car, 2 in the door (6 3\4") and 2 in the rear deck (6X9). No it did not come with XM, however the person who had it before me must have had it because there was a docking station for it left in the car.


As for the 2 10's, Im lookin at putting in JBL W10GTI MKII.


here is the link http://www.jbl.com/car/products/product_detail.aspx?prod=W10GTI%20MKII&Language=ENG&Country=US&Region=USA&cat=SUB&ser=GTI

 In 2 separate bandpass enclosures. (I play lax, and need the seats to be able to fold down still for long poles, etc.)

what amp would I need?

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In the '03 Monte Carlos, they have added the optional XM satellite radio with 100-channel digital receiver. Did you choose to get it/was it offered to you?

As far as the 'Premium Sound Package' - gmscool is completely right. It's an 8-speaker set up with a 200wat amp.
A couple cool features with it, is the already-installed auxilary imput jack for mp3s/ipods, etc.
Another cool thing, is that unlike the usual 6-channel memory on cd players, the SS has 12 FM.

That's about all I know. I'm not sure who makes the speakers or what they are; although I know that the premium sound package has good reviews.

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yeah, the aluminum cylander heads expand quicker with heat, so as long as the engine stays cool, I should be ok. But point taken, I will change the anti freeze.
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I've seen a few head gasket problems with those cars, but it usually happens to the ones that have old anti-freeze in them. so make sure you have the anti-freeze changed every 1 or 2 years.

And they had a software update, but not allot of them needed it.

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haha, dont have the funds for anything yet, gotta pay off the car. Just wanted to know what I have to start with. Thanks.
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Trying to remember 2003, I'm pretty sure you've got an 8 speaker 200 watt system. nice system for stock.

(more than likely "AC Delco" speakers made by God knows who, but not bad)

maybe add a couple of tens in the trunk for a better thump.

(unless you want it crazy loud)

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