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General video editing with Roxio


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WOW, that's really fantastic, you must know before i see this page i have used many video editors like 60fps converter, faasoft and wondershare, but none of them ever met my demand. Thanks for you share.

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This is a video production studio without the wiring and racks of equipment. Think like a producer, keep your production clean. More like the shows that you see on TV. Instead of carpentry in the garage it's a show. The software saves so have your files in one folder. I will usually keep the project file on my desktop with all my clips and Save As parameter files just in case I need to make changes in the future. Save your project often as it builds. The project can be stored on a CD or DVD. I use an external disk writer because it has its own power supply and can be shut off.  The high display ratio would be preferred and uploading to You Tube ain't so hard. Software is a lot of fun so don't miss this one.

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