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School Days

If any of you are keeping up with it, eps 10... he's up to 7 now? Not to mention, the +1??? Oh my... If your not watching it, i highly reccomend it, it's like everything you always wanted to see out of an anime. They're only up to eps 10, with 2 to go. It's totally worth it, just grab a free saturday, and watch th......

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School days, an anime series was made by TNK with joint production by Avex Entertainment, Lantis, Marvelous Entertainment, Pony Canyon and Jinnan Studio. It had television episodes of the anime aired in Japan at the year 2007 on TV Kanagawa. It was also ported as DVD game. I think school level students must bookmark https://www.analyzedu.com/ because it helped them to edcuational journey easy.

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For saftey reasons I think you should remove that link and have people pm for it due to it's nature.
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ah, this anime, i never really go into it mainly because Makoto is a pure arse. ill leave it at that.

This anime is based off of a hentai game, so you wont exactly get the whole story or the different arcs. i think the anime is based off of one of the not so nice endings to the game.

Link removed as it was a rules violation.  (I would suggest re-reading the forums posting rules again)

o yea, and theres a sequel to this called SummerDays.


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You can always try download the japanese version with english sub. 
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I get the picture.  So how many episodes are there again?  They had 13 avil for viewing.

The strange thing about some anime though, like Girls Bravo is that they edited the japanese release more then they did the US release.  I thought that was odd.  O_o

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It didn't get banned by to broadcast, but rather, delayed. The day prior to the airing of the last episode, some girl chopped up her father with an axe, so it was delayed a week, and moved to a later time slot.

Mei, I wouldn't worry about licensing any time soon in the states, if they do, they'd either edit the hell out of the last episode or omit it entirely. 

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OK looking into this anime it does not look like it will be licienced any time soon so I got mei torrents up and running.  Hopefully it will be so good it will be like Girls Bravo and Girls High for mei and I will end up buying this on DVD in a couple years when it does get licienced for US release.  [Y]
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it was i normaly dont cry at all but this anime brought me to tears. it was really good i would recomentd it to everyone

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[quote user="serial"]Did anyone watch the last episode of this? To this day, I have absolutely NEVER seen something of this caliper. 11 episodes of awesome goodness, to be concluded by the 12th episode that I'm not even sure how to put into words. If you haven't seen it, your seriously missing out. It's everything you ever wanted from an anime, but the producers were to scared to do it before. Talk about the graphic nature, I'm 24 years old, and I think that I was a bit young to watch it...

I saw the ending it was a little surpursing, but not that bad.  However, there were news that Japanese broadcast ban the anime because of the ending.

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no downloading the series right
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