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different shipping and billing address

I need some assistance.  I don't have a credit or debit card being a student so I used my friends debit to buy the part from new egg.  The billing address and the shipping address are different will this cause any problem on my invoice because I bought the 1200 computer stuff this 10am morning and i'm st...

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Now that's just crazy talk. Stop giving them ideas about how to raise their prices :p
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Forums, mechandise, telephone, chat, customer services what else would you need to keep in touch with new egg?

Hmm... maybe weekend services ?

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Thanks for pushing it along.  Much appreciated.

Hopefully (fingers crossed) the package will ship tonight and be here tomorrow.  I really need to get back to work :)

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I apologize you feel this way, and we surely do not want your experience with Newegg to be a bad one.

After reading your post, I went ahead and contacted the Verification department, and they were able to release your order.  The lady that you spoke with was the person I came in contact with.  Your order was place today and all of our orders have a 24-48 hour processing time, but our verification department will do what they can to beat our standard processing time.  When your order was first called upon, your bank advise us that the shipping address we are trying to verify is not listed with them.  Credit card companies only answer yes are no questions.  They basically said no to your shipping address. 

Your order was in "re verification", and your order would of been called on that same day.  Every order that is resubmitted to verification goes in order.  Since the amount of your order is a high risk, and you had three different shipping address listed within your account, a conformation is needed with your bank.  Calling in does help, because the information that is provided from our verification department can help our phone reps help our customers get the order process. 

If you do decide to place future orders with us, and is having issues with your order processing, please send me a PM, and I will see what I can do. 

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I have called, and all they say is "I'll put it in for reverification" and two hours later I get the email saying I need to recheck the addresses.  So, no, calling in doesn't help.


Okay, so FINALLY after talking in live chat and on the phone and here on the forums, I guess I've created enough waves that someone in the fraud department actually picked up a phone and called me to verify the addresses.  So now I'm in business!!

I must say though, this left a very bitter taste in my mouth .... I'm not exactly happy with this experience. 

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All shipping address must be verified with your bank in order to ship to those locations.  It would be entirely up to Fraud Prevention to release those orders.  Fraud Prevention has so many ways of verifying addresses, you would have to place the order to see if the order can be process without the shipping address being on file. 

It would be best for you to call in after the order is place, so our verification department can assist you with your order. 

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I'd just like to point out that so far today, I've put in 2 calls to the center, and had to wait at least 20 minutes before talking to a real person (not to mention that I was disconnected once).

After all that, I'm still sitting at step 1 even though I know for a FACT that my address is listed as an alternate on the card, and my parent's is the primrary.  I'm seriously losing faith in this whole "anti-fraud" thing.... it's too much of a hassle!!

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Yes. With your bank, not NewEgg.
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i cancelled my order and going to withdraw the money and open my own account because its too much of a hassle.


but my quest is what would happen if i happen to send multiple shipment to different area of the U.S .  Do i still have to confirm all those address?

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