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Here's a joke...

I go to the E.R., for severe Sciatica, I explain that I am immune to Tylenol, Aspirin, Codone, and Vikodin. Additionally I have a natural resistance to other pain killers.The Dr. prescribes... 20 Vikodin... for 7 days. Discuss... ...

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I'm locking this. I really don't need to be lectured about taking meds. You live with the pain I have.

I'm done here... 

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The hell is up with that?

I think you need to maybe get a 'second opinion'. I find it pretty stupid if you specifically tell the doctor you are immune to something and he just decides to give it back to you to take.

Hope you feel better though. 

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I feel for you.  My wife has a compression fracture in the center of her back bearing down on nerves.  She's had the ones that have bone bearing down on them severed and the pain has found another way around.  Even w/ the nerve blocks she is still in constant pain.  I normally travel quite a lot for work but I can't as she needs too much help w/ so many things I've lost track.  I'll be taking her back to her pain management specialist next week.  I don't know if you've considered seeing one.  They are not fixing the problem they are simply allowing you to not feel the pain.  That's basically what we are having done until the problem can be fixed which we are also working on w/ other doctors/surgeons.

 I wouldn't wish the pain you are in on anyone.  I can't imagine it myself.  I see what it's doing to my wife and it is just beyond awful. 

This all started for her last summer and took months to find what was causing the problem.  The doctors didn't want to help her and thought she was making it up.  This is one of the reasons I am going w/ her to these appointments now.  I don't see doctors unless I have to.  I don't trust them.  They don't ask for help when they don't know.  They seem to just leave you hanging.  I can't stomach that. 

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While you may not think it will effect you, no one that takes allot of drugs/pain killers ever does in the beginning, it is.  You are damaging your liver, brain and with some of those altering your brain functions for the long term.  The drug still alters your body regardless if you feel the pain go away or not.

All people are built basically the same, there is not one person on this planet that liver damage and brain damage is good for.  [;)]

I was like you in my younger years, doctors had mei on allot of pain killers for my migraines and such.  Now in my 30s I have already been diagnosed with liver damage from all those years of pills.  I would save you that fate.  But as with every choice in life, it is your path to walk.

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Who said anything about high? I'm immune to the junk...
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At the rate you are popping pill SC you are going to blow out you liver and will not have to worry about your back at all.

For pain management I have found acupuncture to be the best bet.  Living your life high is not the answer.  Trust mei, it can and will ruin your life.

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Medicine is a tricky thing - alot of stuff isn't 100% known.

On the other hand, there are alot of crank doctors out there - I would say one who prescribed you what you had just told him is ineffective falls into this second category.

That sounds awful man.  I had some abdominal surgery a couple of years back where they had to get to some lymph nodes in my back, through the front - they had to take out my stomach and intestines to get there.  When I woke up, the first thing they told me was that they found out I was allergic to morphine, and they had to drug me up with darvocet, which is less effective.  Yeah, I came to know pain that day...
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I might have something laying around....  [^o)]  How many laws would that break?  Morphine patches? Morphine Hydroxide? LOL


A good freind of mine (recently deceased) was diagnosed with Pneumonia on 8 occasions only to travel 200 miles for a "competent opinion" and was diagnosed with Pancreatic cancer. these other doctors before this decided it was pneumonia 8 times in 4 years, gimme a damn break!

I guess thats why they call it "PRACTICING Medicine".

On there behalf, most doctors in ER's are very over worked, pulling 12-15 hour shifts, and even more. 

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