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Business days ?

I placed an order Friday. Selected the 4.00 rush processing, chose Next Day Shipping. I got an email around 12:30am Sat morning saying part of my order had packed and shipped (the things from the CA warehouse) and are sched to be delivered on Monday. The other items from TN, and NJ have not yet been packed apparen...

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:30am Sat morning saying part of my order had packed and shipped (the things from the CA warehouse) and are sched to be delivered on Monday. The other items from TN, and NJ have not yet been pac https://salonstyling.com/vanity-set-with-mirror 

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So, the items from the NJ warehouse arrived Wednesday. The items from TN were still not showing as packed. I contacted support again, who this time told me that the TN warehouse was closed, for inventory and had been since the 28th. This really upset me since if the warehouse was closed on the 28th, they were aware of that when I asked them if there would be any problems getting me my order before I placed it, and they neglected to say anything about it, instead going ahead and taking my money.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p>

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They also neglected to tell me the warehouse was closed when I contacted them Monday to check on the order, instead blaming the delay on UPS. Telling me that the order would pack Wednesday, ship Thursday, and deliver Friday. When the order went all day Wednesday without being packed I contacted support again, who told me about the warehouse closure, and assured me the item would pack Thursday and be delivered Friday.<o:p></o:p>

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When the order had not packed late Thursday I contacted support again. This time I was first told that the entire order had been packed shipped and delivered, that I should check my front porch. When I told them that the items from CA and NJ had been delivered but not the TN ones she looked closer and said, that those items were in holdup because of the warehouse closing for inventory over the weekend, I told her I had been assured these items would ship out Thursday and since it was getting late on the east coast and it didn’t look like they had packed for pickup that I wanted to check the status. She said she did not know when they would ship. <o:p></o:p>

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Upon pressing she said she would email the warehouse and ask them to go ahead and scan the order, but couldn't guarantee that it would help get the item shipped out.<o:p></o:p>

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So far I have been offered 30$ discount on shipping Monday when i contacted them, 30$ discount on the order when i contacted them Wednesday, and another 20$ discount when i contacted them today. So that's 80$ so far. I will take what they give me, but I would rather have my items. Odd they think that money will make up for poor customer service.<o:p></o:p>

<o:p> </o:p>

This has been beyond belief. The amount of obvious disorganization and the way you get a different excuse with every person you talk with is the mark of an unprofessional organization that does not care enough about their customers to keep their support staff informed, leaving them instead to make up answers as they go. Needless to say I will not be using NewEgg ever again, and I will be sure to tell as many people as I can about my experience.

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Well having worked in the business field for so many years I am really glad business days are still only Mon to Fri. 

One thing I do with UPS is added 1 to 2 days to what ever type of shipping I sign up for and expect the package then.  It seems to work good.  If I want the package sooner I go with FedEx. 

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The order was in Friday before noon. I in fact live chatted with someone at NewEgg before placing the order and asked them that if I were to place an order and selected rush/next day air would it be delivered Monday. They told me that it would, so based on that I placed my order. Had they said no, I would not have placed the order and instead found an internet supplier that could get me the items on Monday, or I would have made a trip to the nearest PC hardware reseller (about 5 hours out, but I could mix a visit to my parents in with the trip). Instead I was told it would be no problem to get me the items on Monday.

As of 4:00pm today (Monday) the status of my order still shows stage 3, even though I have gotten the items from the CA warehouse delivered. I got an email about 12:30 this morning on the items from the NJ warehouse saying they are packed, and giving me a tracking # that says they are scheduled to be delivered Thursday. The items from the TN warehouse have still not been packed or set for shipment from what I can tell as I have no email on them, and the order status site apparently does not update frequently or ever, seeing as how mine is on stage 3 and I have already gotten some items.

I talked with support today, who apologized that I was given the wrong information in referance to being able to deliver the order on Monday, and offered to credit me about 27% of the shipping charge. He also informed me that my items would not be arriving on Wednesday either because he claimed UPS was not making any pickups today. For some reason the UPS driver that picked up packages at my company today was unaware of that decree. So, the items from NJ will be picked up Wednesday, and presumably delivered Thursday, and the items from TN will be picked up Thurs and presumably delivered Friday. One solid week after order placement when I was told by NewEgg that I would have the items in 3 days.

As for the additional costs of running a weekend skeleton crew for handling rush orders and a light volume of support being 40% of entire payroll, and there being no income increase to offset that. I do not see it that way at all. A minimal staff to handle the much smaller volume of weekend support and high priority rush order shipping would not increase costs by 40% and there would be in fact be income to offset the additional cost that it did create. The income that could have been derived from happy return customers has time and time again been shown to be what could have saved many a company that went under. I was/am in the market for a new supplier of PC parts when I placed this order. Over the last five years or so I have likely spent well over 45k on purchasing computor hardware. For my own systems, systems to sale, and I have been chosen as the purchase and install agent apparent for many of my friends and familys PC needs. After this experiance with NewEgg I likely wont be back. If this is their normal mode of operations I am sure I will not be the last person to spend money with them once and not return. Better customer service and order process flow could recoup vast amounts of lost revenue from "churners" as we call them in my business. There is also residual revenue to take into account. The people around the water cooler I tell my experiance to and the people they then relate that experiance to can bring in residual experiance revenue or they can spend it elsewhere. If I place an order that I know is high pressure like this one and it goes smooth and I have my items on Monday, I am going to go out of my way to tell people - NewEgg took good care of me, you should try them. If there is a problem with the order and they are there to offer prompt support and resoloution, I am still going to go out of my way to tell people, that  - NewEgg did the stand up thing and took care of me even though there was a problem. If I place a regular order it comes in 3 to 5 days no problem, I will tell people if they ask me or if it comes up - try NewEgg, I used them they are okay. If I am lied to, find it difficult to get support when there is a problem, am then lied to again and offered a shipping discount that does not even bring the shipping charge down to the standard shipping rate, and told to just wait: you can bet I will go out of my way to tell as many people as I can about that experiance.

Problems in shipping arise, UPS has their own schedule and their is not much shippers can do about it. One thing many sites do though is have a simple estimated delivery day calculator that figures in the company order load, hourly average order process time, and the shipping company's schedule to give you a very qualified estimate of what day you can expect expect your order before you hit the purchase button. Any company concerned with their customers will not outright lie to them telling them an order can be delivered on a day that it can not, and blame a delay on the carrier not picking up when the carrier is in fact making pickups. The fact that the order from TN has gone all day today without even being pulled and packed at the warehouse leads me to belive that the warehouse is simply closed today and the delay has nothing to do with the carrier "not picking up".

All I can do is wait untill Friday, and schedule two more days at home waiting on a delivery since the items will come one set on Thursday, and one set on Friday. Interesting how selecting Next Day Air for a shipping method will get you three different deliverys on three diffent days on one single order.

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I'm sorry you feel that way, and to clairfy I am not a newegg employee.

But you yourself have read the specific policies - but let me expand on them a little -

If you order past a certain time on certain days, you order will be delayed under soem circumstances.

For example: I don't order on Fridays after noon. Ever.  But that's just behavior I learned from using Newegg so much. If your order gets into the system (step 3) by 1 or 2 PM pacific time, it's already 4 - 5 PM East coast time. No *WAY* anything from NJ will make it out the door. It's 3 - 4 PM Tennessee time, and it's not realistic to expect it to ship out of the warehouse same day. Even if you select "Rush Processing" there is no way order processing will shrink from a 24 hour process to a 1 to 3 hour process. At best on non holiday days I've seen items ship out within 4 - 6 of ordering, with rush processing.

And finally, it's important to note that "Taking Orders" on the web, with a functional web site, REQUIRES NO  ADDITIONAL COSTS. But Having weekend delivery, weekend customer support, warehouse order processing, in hosue management oversight and support in lace i a HEAVY COST in wages and salary and all other costs associated with scheduling 2 more workdays in a week. Going frm 5 open days a week to 7 means about a 40% increase in workforce-related budget, and THERE IS NO INCREASE IN INCOME TO OFFSET THAT. (people who order on the weekends already do. Not enough new business will materialize on the weekend to justify this increase in cost... so how would newegg handle it? Probably have to increase prices on goods. I don't wanna see that.)

Anyway, That's just a fellow-customer interpretation (I've worked in retail as well as visited the Newegg Offices/warehouses in Calif). 

If you are STILL upset about the situation, and I can see why you would be, feel free to contact Newegg customer support about the situation. They are not obligated by law to help you out, as you have read the specific policies... but you know, Newegg likes happy customers. If you explain the situation nicely and ask what they can do for you, I am willing to bet they will discount shipping and/or waive the rush order fee. That has happened to me before. Stay calm and press for some compensation, and good things might happen. ( My experience as a long-time Newegg customer)


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