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Restarts under load

Hey guys and gals, got a question/problem i would like to see what you think, i built a computer for my gf for xmas (i'm using it right now) and everything seems to be working fine except when under a load, the computer will restart it's self.  It's a 939 socket AMD with a 2.2 dual core, 580 watt power suppy,...

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Yes i did change the xp to not reboot on error, i also screwed up when i reflashed the bios a few months back, put the wrong one in, i fixed that and all driver issues but am still having the issue.  I will have to get a cd made, of course i can't do it from this one becuse the last time i tried to down load the iso file it restarted ha ha, thanks for the suggestions and help, i will keep you posted.



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Did you set XP up to not reboot on errors? If so it sounds like a hardware problem.
Go download memtest86+ and make a boot disk. Boot off said boot disk and run memtest until errors occur or overnight, which ever comes first. To speed finding errors if your in a rush setup memtest to only run test 5. Many people claim test 5 finds most errors. http://www.memtest.org/  If memtest finds no errors the memory is most likely ok. If memtest finds errors try dropping the speed of the memory in the bios. Example: if the memory is DDR400 drop it to DDR333 or DDR266.



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I really don't see anything out of wack with cpuid, the only thing that seems odd is the tmpin1 and tmpin2 temps are all over the place, and i'm not sure what those temps are, the voltages don't seem that messed up either.  I was able to get the ipod about half done today and than it froze up and restarted.



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Usually if the PSU is overheating it will just power down.

Have you checked your video card temps?


CPUID - Hardware monitor


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I forgot all about that option, but here's what happened, i changed the settings, hooked up the ipod and it restarted as soon as i hooked it up, no error codes, left the ipod plugged in while restarting and itunes came up, started syncing, went good for about 10 minutes than the computer restarted again, no warning screen no error code, so i'm guessing it's the psu??



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go to system from control panel, advanced tab, startup and recovery and disable automatically restart. This way XP with stop and not reboot and display info on the cause of the error. Post back with what you find.
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