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Please help on RAM upgrade

First off the plan is to upgrade to an eVGA 780i SLI motherboard, haven't decided on the CPU yet, but am clueless on RAM. This is the mobo I'm looking at: eVGA NVIDIA nForce 780i SLI  Newegg says the mobo uses DDR2-800, but a friend of mine just bought this board and put in 4x1gb DDR2-1066 G-skill just fi......

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Upgrading the RAM is one way to make your PC feel snappy and faster. Out of all the memory bandwidth testing done over the past decade, the only thing these tests have consistently shown is that there's very little benefit to purchasing the fastest RAM possible. Most people should look past the flashy 2666MHz and 2400MHz kits and focus on the price/performance sweet spot: DDR3 clocked at 1600MHz or 1866MHz.   avalon hotel catalina

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Look at this link for EVGA. http://www.evga.com/support/mbmem/default.asp#680i It gives the memory specifications for modules that they have tested. I talked to EVGA the other day about the RAM confusion and was told that you can go higher than 800 but they don't recommend going above PC8500 1000 if you are using more than 2 sticks. They also suggested to watch out for memory with EPP and SLI if you want more than two sticks. You will usually need to turn the EPP off if your motherboard supports it and you are using more than 2 sticks. Hope this helps.
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2x2gb DDR2 800 G.SKILL
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