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Cable Management?

I've done some searching so I'm very sorry if this is here somewhere, is it just me or do most links just take you to Newegg Mall?  Anyways, I recently got a Raidmax Smilodon Dirktooth case and an Asus 775 nForce 750i SLI ATX mobo.  Does anyone have tips and tricks for cable management with this?  I......

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I would like to suggest you (Velcro Straps) for perfect cable management because I have read somewhere about this issue. I am aware with that because I recently get Need Help In Management Assignment Writing service for the similar project.
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OK, PSU's out, no problem, just saw a gap and got curious, but then thought it probably gets pretty toasty.  So far I've managed to pretty well hide all the cables except for the window fan, and the way things are hidden now it may not work to run it's cable to that power connector, but I'll give it a shot.
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Agreed dont put cables up top of the PSU.
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Personally I woul not tuck cables above it, another good solution would be velcro straps, where I work thats how we cable manage both our pcs in each room, and our MDF (Main Distribution Frame) and IDF (Intermediate Distribution Frame) network rooms.
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