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The state of education

I read a science fiction short story by Isaac Asimov many years ago where he predicted that the calculator would render Human Beings unable to do math.  It described a man who, wonder of wonders, was able to do calculations like addition and subtraction in his head and faster than you could type the numbers i......

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Some do, and those instructors are awesome. Others couldn't care less by any means, and those I despise. It depends. I'd say of all my teachers assignment writing uk mind, without a doubt, one appears to mind, however, has low desires of us and treats us like youngsters considerably more youthful that is, I feel she thinks about our instruction, yet isn't giving us a decent one.
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The Story is really interesting and somewhat unpredictable. I also looked into the same thing in my graduation, when I Pay Some One to write my Assignment by a writing service in Leicester. It was also there same case study task as you've stated above. I am amazed to read that such things are not only in stories, they exist in reality.
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Unfortunately, we're living in machine world. on the one hand, it gives us a lot of opportunities and makes life easier, but on the other - we really are degrading. Students order their student personal statement for college, but, in fact, they don't know nothing and even can't account elementary things.
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Aedion, I wasted so much time....I was one of those kids...slid by.             However, like Fab, I had a lot of motivation to vote.

It is not easy to find direction in your life.  However, if you can find a direction and can work toward it, you will be ahead of your peers.  You'll be able to achieve your goals sooner also. You don't have to know what you want to do exactly.  Sometimes you can arrive there by the process of elimination.

Do some research.  Talk to working folks.  Find out why they chose their field and how they like it.  Get some work experience.... you don't have to be a VP, just get out and work with people.  You'll learn a lot about yourself...and others.

After I had wasted a couple of years, my dad told me to go to school.  He said I would regret it if I didn't.  He spoke from the school of hard knocks.  I'd kiss his feet today because that was the best advice anyone ever gave me.  I told my kids the same.

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Its very true about other countries learning a second language.  English is spoken throughout the world regardless of the main language of the country.  I am always amazed at their knowledge of American culture and history when talking to Europeans online.  Why do they know about General Custer, or the Alamo or any one of a hundred other tidbits of Americana when its hard to find 10 American students who know who the Vice President is.

I was very aware of politics before I came of voting age but that was during the Vietnam years where who was president may have made the difference between getting drafted or not.  I even remember talking to my parents (at age 8) about the presidential candidates in 1960 (Kennedy v Nixon) because they were split with my Mom liking Kennedy because he was young, handsome and Catholic.  Education and thirst for knowledge begins at home.

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im part of our education system right now (going to be a sophmore), and i can say from my experience that the education is there. what i think is the problem is that there is nothing motivating us, everyday in class i will see kids that just dont pay attention and never do their homework.

maybe it's just because i was given to privilege to live in one of the best cities in the country and access to one of the best public school system, i am getting a skewd view of the american education system. everyday my homeroom teacher would tell the class that we go to one of the best schools and that we are taking it for granted. this is dead on, there isnt sufficient motivation to make every kid work their asses off to be the top of the class. they don't know what is happening in the world around them, they dont watch the news, they dont know that their constitutional rights are being stripped away from them, and frankly, i dont think the majority of them would care.

i personally think that every high school student should know who they would vote for and why. it makes them non-apathetic, it causes them to think and formulate opinions and their own ideas of how the government should be run.

sorry i went off on a tangent hehe

i met a kid from Quebec when i was on vacation, and he was only 14 but already spoke english very,very well. the canadian education has English being taught since the second grade, while in America, second languages arent taught until high school.

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Indeed, I think the lack of discipline is one of the major factors these days...The "failure was not an option" mentality is almost completely gone these days, except for those who seek it, or those who absolutely need it (Such as those in a "sink or swim" state)...

Very much so agreed... 



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All you have to do is read some of the writing you see.

Hate to sound like "Grandpa" Homer....but when we were kids "failure was not an option".  If you chose that option anyway...you got whipped.

Low expectations.    Can't discipline little Johnny, you might hurt his self esteem.  

I've visited some local high schools ... public and private.  Amazingly, the education is there....for those who want it (at least in my hood).  However, the amount spent on education is not indicative of the results.

Sadly, I grew up an angry young man...long story that I'll have to blog about sometime... I rejected school at every opportunity, until I had no other choices than "sink" or "swim".



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Some guy couldn't do the math to figure out how many bricks are needed for a project...There's a 10 foot diameter and we need it to be 3 feet high, and the brick we were looking at was a foot long and 6 inches or so high (If I remember correctly)...Even so, we were on a hill, so that'd lead to another issue...Even guestimating it didn't work for the guy...

However, we already had the number in mind, so we got the bricks needed (Ended up being around 65 bricks, and we only had a few left over) and finished the project...



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