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Shipping help: USPS has the wrong ZIP code?

I went to track my order through Newegg today, and the Newegg tracking page (DHL handed it off to USPS) shows the wrong destination. It looks like there was simply a typo somewhere, and the wrong zip code was entered. I tried talking in Live Chat twice and both times I was told pretty useless information. Tried co...

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track down usps if its not availabe

usps tracking

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I'm glad it worked out.
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Ok, so I ended up getting the memory in the mail Friday afternoon. I'm glad it arrived within the 3-7 business day period, but their customer service was just useless. Instead of telling me "there's nothing you can do, just wait 7 days", they SHOULD have responded with something like "these things sometimes happen, and our staff have measures in place to attempt to ensure the package is delivered to the correct location, even if incorrect information is sometimes used. Please wait until the specified shipping period has passed before submitting support questions regarding your package." That would have been a lot more reassuring, IMO. It at least tells me they face this kind of thing somewhat frequently and know how to handle it. Instead, I was given the impression that they were completely incompetent and useless in their customer service.     
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Another thing you can do, is take a postcard (not a letter in an envelope), and address it to

POSTMASTER xxxxx  (where xxxxx is the zipcode the package is headed to)


and then explain (very briefly) that a package is incorrectly addressed to;

< print the bad address, including the name of the addressee>

 and the package was intended to be sent to;

<print the proper address>

Then sign and date it.  If that post office is nearby, drop it off in person at the counter.  The Postmaster should pass this info on to the appropriate carrier.

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The problem I'm concerned about is that there actually is another location in that zip code with a very similar address, and I wouldn't be surprised if it ends up on some random person's doorstep one day. I'm simply trying to be proactive about this and I'm really surprised that USPS would really say "wait to see what happens" to me. It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever.

But yeah, it sounds like all I can do is wait. USPS isn't being any help, DHL has no record of that tracking number, and this isn't any fault of Newegg's. It's just frustrating to know that because of one guy's typo I may not get my package for a while, if I ever get it.

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just be patient and read my first reply.  USPS gives DHL super cheap bulk mail shipping prices cause DHL does all the dealing with the customer (actually Newegg in this case). I don't know what you ordered (weight wise), but it's kind of unreasonable to expect then to turn around some containerized/palletized mail somewhere in their system so they can look for your package in it, a package they are probably getting paid less than a dollar to deliver. It should only be a few additional days before its in your hands. Please tell me the label has the correct city & state though, or you may be in fact screwed.

FYI, I once received a letter addressed to myself (sent from an acquaintance in another country) that only had my name and city correct in the address, yet I somehow still received it.

Good Luck

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USPS = incompetent.

Called them, kept hitting 0 until I got someone on the line, they are able to confirm that it's being delivered to the wrong location, but they can't do anything about it. I literally just asked her "so, even though I can confirm all information about the package, can confirm that it's going to the wrong location, and took the time to tell you guys about it in advance, you're telling me to just wait until it gets delivered to the wrong location? What good is that going to do?" Got some generic BS response and just hung up on them. What a load of (%*#$&()&*^

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[quote user="Hyacinth"]

You should contact with USPS to correct the info and fix a time for a pickup.


From the first post:

[quote user="LeonTheProfessional"]

Tried contacting both DHL and USPS, neither one can find my order from the Tracking Number or my email address.


They don't have any records of the order from what I was told. I keep calling USPS but they keep telling me "I don't see any shipping information for your tracking number, contact the sender." But I can go to USPS and look up the damn tracking number and it shows the information. This is just pissing me off right now.

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If the rest of the address is correct, you'll probably just get a delayed delivery.  It will go to where the barcode says it should go, which is simply based on the Zip , or the Zip+4, if you provided that info.  When it gets there, the carrier will notice the boo-boo, and forward the package to your address.
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As the package has already been shipped. It's true that Newegg can not modify the shipping information of your package. You should contact with USPS to correct the info and fix a time for a pickup.

If not. there might be two kinds of result. The better one will be "failed to deliver", then the package will be returned to sender, and you will get a refund and you can reorder the item. However, the worse one will be "Mis delivered", then the package will lose and you can not even get a refund because it is your fault to provide a wrong zip code...

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