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What do you think of this build?

Im trying to keep this as cheap as possible and am building this for a friend. What do you all think about it? See anywhere where I can cut costs without compromising speed too much? He wants it to be gaming, and he is a die hard Intel fan, so no AMD's here! ...

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What do you know! That ASUS P43 went on deal tonight, with promo code and FS.

Product Rating:
ASUS P5QL PRO LGA 775 Intel P43 ATX Intel Motherboard
Your Price: $76.99
With Promo Code

Now I would back that buy! Though I do still think the 2 oz Cu on the Gigabyte would be a more sound choice, quality wise.

But $77 is pretty nice NE deal!


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 Well when he can't afford the Intel suggest this:

$510 AMD Gamer Build

 Centered around the 2.7GHz Kuma (Black Box) dual core AMD CPU with the 2 x 512M L2 and the 2M L3 AND a 4830 GPU with 512M DDR3 vRAM. Modern chipset Gigabyte motherboard sporting 4Gb of DDR2 @ 1066MHz (CAS 5). ODD. 320Gb 7,200RPM HDD w/ 16M cache. Dual 120mm tooless case. 430W active PFC, 80 Plus cert. PSU. $510 including shipping. -$35 MIRs.

Add an AM2 compatible heatsink and some Arctic Silver if he wants to OC. 

YOu can cut some money with this case

edit -- It is not such a good deal.  I did not add an OS. That will add $100. 

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A 9500GT for gaming? He's going to be dissappointed. I would drop the ASUS board, get a  GIGABYTE GA-EP43-UD3L, save yah almost $10 (inc ship consids), still a nice baord UD series. Probably drop the quad to a C2D that you can OC to the heavens, and take that money and get at the least, a 9800GT.  You would need to up the PSu as well though.

If gaming's the key thing, don't stick the guy with a 9500GT man. all I got to say. I'd actually suggest looking at a nice 4XXX series ATI. Good value.

Plus I dont see 64-bit in your OS. Gonna just use the 3-3.5 gigs? Or go 64?


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