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Recommendations for a heavy texter/calendar user

I'm on Cingular/AT&T and have an upgrade coming next month and I'm looking to get a better phone. I use a phone primarily texting, sometimes I place phone calls but I usually do that why a bluetooth headset so it doesn't have to look like a phone. I also want to my my calendar from my computer to my phone beca......

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Great post! I am actually getting ready to across this information, is very helpful my friend. Also great blog here with all of the valuable information you have. Keep up the good work you are doing here.

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Yeah the E71 is easily one of the better phones out there with QWERTY keyboards. They keyboard is pretty comfortable as well.
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i own the Nokia e71x, and its the best phone, i wouldnt trade it for anything else.
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I just bought an iPhone first gen and jail-broke it so I didn't have to pay for a data plan and I'm loving it. Thanks for the recommendations everyone!
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That just looks nice. I wonder how much that will be when it comes out? Hopefully not high $5xx.
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Now that I look on AT&T's website, it looks like the Fuze is $250 refurbished, but no rebates are required.  I have a much older version of the Fuze, and the keyboard is the best.  There's a newer version coming out before July, the Touch Pro 2:


If you wait until this comes out, the Fuze will be cheaper, but the newer version will be more expensive.


If you don't want to use WAP, you just just mess with the WAP connection settings so it wouldn't connect properly using the cellular network, but WiFi would still work fine. This may give you problems sending picture messages (MMS), but it would work.

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I went to my local Cingular store today and fell in love the the Fuze. I don't like it's price but if I can get it online cheaper I'll be happy. I saw the pantec matrix but wasn't impressed, I think it's calendar feature was limited (don't remember exactly right now). I don't care about syncing to outlook, I use thunderbird on ubuntu :) I looked at a phone that had wireless and I talked with a salesperson and he said it wouldn't notify you if you left your wifi's range, it'd just automatically switch over to WAP with is insanely expensive. What are do you know about that, and where can I get the refurb Fuze's?
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Yes the E71 is an amazing phone indeed. The OS is great and the keys feel very nice. Two of my friends have one (one APAC and one NAM version).
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2 good deals from AT&T:

The Nokia E71x will be available very soon for $99 on contract - great deal, awesome phone.

The HTC Fuze is available refurbished for free on contract.  If you don't mind refurbs, that's a fantastic deal (they are probably clearing stock for the release of the Touch Pro 2).

Pantech matrix Pro is $99 too:


The BJII is only $50 too.


Keep in mind, if you don't want a data plan, you won't get the rebate on smartphones.  If you want it to sync up with outlook, a windows phone is the best way to go.  You may be better off going through best buy, as their rebates are instant.

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